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Once somebody starts using their internal guidance system, there are some very key questions that begin to come up in their mind. One of them is, “Isn’t this just positive thinking? If I have a positive thought, I’m going to feel good, and if I have a negative thought, I’m not going to feel good.” Well, we have a listener who has sent us a letter asking that exact question, and I’m going to share with you my answer. It isn’t about positive or negative thinking. It’s actually more profound than that, the kinds of guidance that you can get on your thoughts.

I’m going to just say this is from A, her initial A. Here’s her letter: “Hi, Zen. Thanks again for putting out your podcast. I find them very supportive in helping me develop my relationship with my own IGS (internal guidance system). I was wondering if you could put together a podcast talking about the differences between wishful thinking and truthful thoughts. Here’s why I’m asking. I’m in a tense relationship with my ex, and he has developed some potentially life-threatening problems. When I have the thought he’s going to die soon, I open significantly. Part of me thinks this is wishful juvenile thinking, because I believe my life will be better with him no longer a part of it, but it could also be the truth. Then I judge myself for having the thought in the first place, because it’s not right to have these kinds of thoughts—wishing death upon someone else—and I close. Hmm. As always, your insights and guidance are most appreciated.”

Here’s the thing. Your IGS works in two ways in this situation. One is, if you’re having a thought, it will give you guidance directly on that thought, an opening or closing sensation. Now, if you don’t know what your internal guidance system is or opening or closing, go to On the home page, I walk you through a video where you can feel your internal guidance system for yourself. It’s something that has physically been with you since you were born. It’s a part of who we are that I’ve been uncovering for 17 years. It’s pretty amazing and fabulous as a tool to use in your life. Anyway, when you get an expanded feeling in the central area of your body between your throat and your upper solar plexus, that’s an opening. When you get a contracted feeling in that area…It feels like a lump in the throat, anxiety or stress in the chest, a sick feeling up in the solar plexus area, a churning in your tummy…that is a closing. When you’re open, that means what you’re thinking is true or going to happen…or more true. When you’re closed, that tight feeling, it’s not true or not going to happen. People hear me say that. That’s a very simplified way to say this.

The reason why this is important is you can have an unpleasant thought that opens you such as, “He’s going to die soon.” It is an unpleasant thought, but if it opens you, it’s more true for you to be thinking that thought. That is the direction you’re being guided to hold, to think more thoughts from that train of thought. Now, the other thing is you can have an unpleasant thought that opens you such as, “It’s not right to have these thoughts—wishing death upon someone.” I’m not hearing you wish death upon someone, A. What I’m hearing is you’re looking at what’s happening to him; and you’re holding the thought; and that thought is true. I’m not sitting here seeing you reminisce and go over and over in your head, “I wish he would die, I wish he would die, I wish he would die.” That thought may actually close you, or it may open you. You may actually get an opening because it’s true. You wish he would die.

The thing is that you can also have a pleasant thought saying, “I’m going to win a million dollars on the lotto,” and close, or you can say, “I’m going to win a million dollars,” and open. The lottery is a really good one for me to explain this in. We’re given two kinds of thoughts from our IGS. One is what I call the carrot or the bread crumb approach. You know, the carrot at the end of the stick leading the donkey? No, I’m not calling you a jackass. The carrot at the end of the stick. Sometimes we are having thoughts in our head that are so different from what we should be thinking, what our divine guidance would have us be thinking, that it uses carrot thoughts to lead us into a direction to an ultimate conclusion of where we need to be. The bread crumb approach, as well. One bread crumb, then the next bread crumb, then the next bread crumb. It also gives us guidance on what we’re generally thinking. Now, what I have found over the years is that, for instance, somebody may get an opening about buying a house or winning the lotto. The thoughts that occur leading up to the buying of the house or the thoughts and actions that occur in talking about winning the lotto, the conversation or the actions that needed to be taken were what were important, not the end goal. Now, I know this sounds like a grey area, but your IGS is trying to get you into your divine purpose, and it’s going to do that as best it can with the thoughts that you’re producing.

If you deciding to buy a home opens you, there’s saving money, getting your credit cards cleared up, working on your credit, looking around and getting rid of some of your stuff, organizing your life around where you want to go, what kind of school do you want your kid to be in. There’s all kinds of actions that get taken. Now, what I’ve found is at the end… Sometimes people get to the end of all of that, and they suddenly close about buying a home. The timing isn’t right or the market isn’t right for purchasing a home. They come to me and they say, “But Zen, I opened at buying a house. Now when I go to actually buy a house and I’m all ready, I’m closing.” It’s because all those actions needed to be taken. Either something is off, or the timing is different, or it was that your IGS was leading you to get all of these things taken care of because there’s something else that those things have to be in place for, and that was the only way it could do it.

Now, in this particular situation, opening that he’s going to die soon—yes, it may be true that he’s going to die soon. I’ve actually opened to that myself, and it has happened. Many of you have heard the story around my brother who disappeared. When I held the thought, “I would never see him again, and he’s going to die,” I opened. It was true. I did not see him alive again, and he did die. Got lost up in the mountains and died of dehydration. That thought opened me. The opening and the truth of it allowed me to be strong and present during our search for him, and to be able to lead it, and to be able to not go into hysterics with others or break down, because there was a truth to it that gave me peace even though it was hard. This is the same with your ex-husband. The way you’ll treat him, the way you’ll think about him, what could happen, in you having this thought could be a miracle. Yes, he may die soon, but also, there may be a bunch of things that transpire in you treating him as if he’s going to die soon that may change your relationship. That’s what’s important is the energy, the bread crumb approach of where your thoughts need to lead you in this situation.

Also, you’re shocked that when you hold the thought, “It’s not right to have these kinds of thoughts,” you close. That’s not true. It’s not about negative thoughts. It’s not about wishing someone would die. There’s no judgment on our thoughts. It’s what we do with our thoughts. It’s how we generate our thoughts. Those thoughts that you’re having about him dying don’t sound awful to me. Doesn’t sound like you’re wishing death. It sounds to me like you’re examining a very painful relationship that creates suffering in your life that you’re ready to be rid of. In that being ready to be rid of it, there’s actions that you can take. There’s boundaries you can put up. There’s things that you can do.

It sounds a little complex, but it really isn’t. The truth of the matter is that your IGS is guiding you to hold thoughts that will create your divine purpose on this planet. There’s multiple divine purposes, hundreds of thousands of divine purposes, I believe, that you need to do in this lifetime, from smiling at someone to giving someone a book to the bigger things of changing lives, having babies, or being an amazing grandparent. Your IGS is helping you along the way to accomplish all of those things and steering you towards how to do it in the most beneficial, truthful, authentic, aligned, divine way. It doesn’t have judgments about what is right or wrong like we have put upon ourselves. That’s coming from our mind. Those judgments that we hold are coming from our own mind. If those judgments are not true, it’s going to close or open, based on what is true for you in bringing you into alignment with your divine purpose. Does that make sense to you?

Your thoughts need to be in alignment with that. The things that are created in your mind may not actually support you in your divine purpose. In fact, many, many, many, many times when somebody comes to do the courses with me, and they do the Stress to Happiness Makeover program, there’s a bunch of things that need to be cleared out that they collected about themselves, and what they’re worth, and what they can have, and what their dreams need to be. There’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be cleared out that isn’t true for them and that’s keeping them out of their divine purpose. Your IGS will do that for you. That’s exactly what it is doing for you. I hope that helps, Miss A. I also hope that your relationship with your ex somehow mends and the suffering lessens in whatever way that is. I’m sending you that information and that love.

If you’d like to find out more, I’m going to be answering more, some of the quandaries that people get in in the next few podcasts, and questions about their IGS, and very interesting things. If you’d like to get them faster, you are more than welcome to go grab my best-selling book. It’s in Spanish, Japanese, and English on Amazon. It’s called Your Inner GPS. Your Inner GPS on Amazon by Zen Cryar-DeBrücke. It is a manual on how to use your internal guidance system. You’re also welcome to go to, where we have courses and programs that you can sign up for. If you want to work with me directly in learning how to use your IGS, I would love to have you. As usual, sharing is caring. Please forward this podcast to someone that you know would benefit from it. I love that you’re listening. I’m so very happy to have you. I’m honored, actually. Until we get to be together again, know that I am sending you love and blessings.

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