Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night in a panic?

Or maybe you’re cruising along driving in your car and all of a sudden you get this feeling of terror… like a shot of electricity or adrenaline races through you?

It can be really uncomfortable and kind of terrifying.

Usually we think this a response to a thought we are having that we believe to be true…

I’m here to tell you that this panicky feeling of terror means what you just thought is absolutely NOT true and give you a completely new way to think about the fight or flight theory.

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night in a panic? Maybe you’re just cruising along driving your car or at work, and all of a sudden, you get this panicked feeling like a shot of electricity or adrenaline just grips you and races through you? It’s really uncomfortable and terrifying. Usually what we think of is that this is a response to a thought that we’re having, a scenario our mind is running, that we believe to be true. Well, I’m here to tell you that that feeling means what you just thought is absolutely not true, and give you a completely new way to think about the fight or flight theory.

I just want to let you know those terrifying feelings that grip you all of a sudden in your life that feel like panic or a deep level of anxiety, true, true, true worry like doom is about to arrive, those sensations are the deep closing of your internal guidance system. What that means is that what you’re thinking is absolutely not true. In fact, the more painful, uncomfortable, and terrifying or panicking that thought is for you, the less true it is. The worse you feel, the less that thing is going to happen. Now, I know this is not something that most people understand. I want to encourage you go, if you have not already felt your internal guidance system, to On the home page, I have a video there that walks you through feeling this part of yourself that you were born with. It has been in operation since you were born, giving you signals about whether your thoughts are true, and in alignment, and coming towards you or not.

You have an open, expanded feeling, a light, opening feeling or a calm sense of peace inside between your throat and your upper solar plexus area when everything is good and what you’re thinking is in alignment. Even if it’s an unpleasant thought, you’ll feel a calm sense of ease or an expansion in your body if it’s true. If that thought that you’re having is not true, you’ll feel a tightening. The way that this works is it’s like a compass. I want you to just picture a compass in your mind right now. Picture north, west, and south, just the way that the compass moves between north and south. If you picture west, which is the horizontal line on the compass, that’s where you’re not having, really, any sensation in your internal guidance system at all. That internal guidance system piece is just what you’re thinking is all in alignment, and everything is going along, mentally, inside of you in perfect alignment. Then as you begin to think thoughts where your internal guidance system wants to direct you or guide you, you’ll get a slight expanded feeling if that thought is more true for you or if it’s a thought that you need to pursue. You’ll feel a breathing or an expanded opening, lightening feeling. I look at that as going north. As you go from west to north, that expanded feeling goes from a light, slight opening to a big, bright, ecstatic, ecstasy or excitement feeling. These feelings come when you have a plan, or a strategy, or an idea. When we find our partner and we fall in love, and it’s true love, we will have this expanded feeling. Your entire body lets you know that this is the right person for you.

I go into the difference between emotions… Emotions are a chemical reaction in your body. You can have an addictive emotional experience that’s not true, and then there’s the valid expanded feeling of your IGS. They’re very much two separate things. Your emotions are not your internal guidance system. I expand on that more. I’ll put a link below to another podcast about that. The point is that it expands; it moves; it’s variable. True north is like, “Wow!” You just feel amazing and full of energy. Then as it goes from west down to south, you’ll get a slight tight feeling, just a little tightness in your throat, maybe a little, tiny lump or a tightness in your chest that feels like a slight lack of air, or a feeling in the pit of your stomach. As that goes down, it gets deeper, too. If you’re having thoughts that are absolutely not true for you, things that are not something you’re supposed to focus on, something that is not going to happen, it gets bolder. The closing gets deeper until it gets to the bottom, and it feels like terror or panic. Those feelings of terror and panic that you feel, whether it be in the middle of the night or you have a thought that causes that, that means that what you’re thinking is completely out of alignment and not true, not coming towards you. In fact, the most powerful way for you to shift this is by thinking, “This is not going to happen. My IGS, my internal guidance system, is telling me that this is absolutely false.”

An example for me is every year I have concerns about taxes. I own my own business, and I have a worry that I’m going to get a big tax bill. All of a sudden, a big idea will come in like, “Oh, my gosh. What if it’s a five-figure tax bill?” and my body will go, “[intake of breath].” Literally, that thought will come through my mind, and my body goes, “[intake of breath].” I’m like, “Oh, it’s not going to be a big tax bill. I’m not going to have trouble paying my taxes this year.” I had a similar one. We went on a houseboat trip with my son. He’s three, and he doesn’t swim. Every time I thought about him falling overboard and us not noticing…He’s a very active, rambunctious boy…I would get this panic-stricken feeling, and I knew that it wasn’t going to happen. Literally, he never took his jacket off on the houseboat. We had no problems. He never flew into the water without us noticing. There was not one dangerous moment for him on the houseboat. It was an absolutely true thought that he was going to be safe. The thought of him drowning, which created terror in my body, was not true.

Now, the interesting thing is that we have scientists talking about our fight or flight response in our body. I’m here to tell you that if you have a deeply unpleasant thought and it’s true, it will open you. My brother disappeared, and when I held the thought I was not going to see him alive again, I opened. I felt this calm sense of wise knowing that he was not going to be found alive. He disappeared up in the mountains on a road trip that he was on by himself, and he died of dehydration up in the snow in the mountains of Idaho. I opened. I’ve also had times when I was younger and I wasn’t going to be able to make my rent. Every month, because of financial instability, I would be worried about rent, and I would be closed. One month, I was worried about rent, and I opened. I held the thought, “Oh, no. I’m not going to have my rent,” and I felt an expanded feeling.

Now, here’s the key. In that expanded feeling, you don’t have a bunch of cortisol racing through your body. You don’t have a bunch of chemicals that are stopping you from thinking clearly. You’re able to reason through it. Generally, what happens when you get an unpleasant thought that opens you, your mind will race into another scenario about what that means. “Oh, no. I’m going to lose my apartment. I’m not going to have a place to live. I’m going to have to move back in with my parents.” All that closed me. That didn’t happen. My landlord was great about it. It actually took me two months to catch up, and I opened that it was going to take that long. I was able to say to my landlord, “It’s going to take me a little bit of time.” He said, “No problem. I love you. You take excellent care of our place. We’ll work it out. It’s not a problem.” It turned out to be just fine. I did catch up and everything went great.

There are things in your life that you’re panicking about. Maybe it’s aging parents that you don’t know how to take care of, or you’re afraid you won’t be able to manage it. Maybe it’s your health. Maybe it’s how your children are growing up, or problems that they’re having, or things that they’ve gotten themselves into that are terrifying you. Maybe it’s your finances or your relationship. Maybe it’s a spouse or a significant other cheating on you, and you have these terrifying feelings every once in awhile. These terrifying feelings that you have, especially when they’re deep, are not true; they’re not going to happen. They’re a highway in your mind that has been laid since you were little. You’ve witnessed other people panicking about similar things, and in that panic, you’ve taken it on for yourself.

The key is to say, “I’m closed.” That means what I’m thinking is not true and not going to happen. In fact, I am panicked. I am deeply closed, which means what I’m thinking is absolutely not true and not going to happen. When you say that, your body will lighten up, because that’s a truer thought. You’ll feel that release. Your job is to reprogram the neural pathways of your mind away from these habitual thoughts that are not true and towards thoughts that are true. You don’t have to recalibrate the situation in your mind. All you have to do is get that nervous system expansion release happening and the new neural pathways beginning to be built. That’s all you have to do. Don’t entertain these panic-stricken thoughts, even in the middle of the night. If you have to just lay there with the mantra of, “I’m closed. That means what I’m thinking is not true. Everything is going to be okay. I feel really bad. That means it’s even less true. The worse you feel, the less true it is,” begin with that. Begin reprogramming that. I promise these things are not going to come true. I’ve been doing this for over 23 years, and I have not had anybody have that sensation and have what they’re thinking come to pass.
I want to thank you for listening. Please share this podcast. I’d really appreciate it if we could get the word out. This information, to me, is so powerful. It creates joy, and peace, and a sense of confidence and inner knowing that we’re going to be okay. The reactions shift. Everything changes when you begin listening to and following your internal guidance system, when you take control of reprogramming your mind, when you take control of your inner happiness and peace. Spread the word if you know somebody out there who needs to have this information in their lives, as well. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you so much for your time and in listening. Until we get to be together again, I’m sending you love and blessings.

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