Do you really want to make sure you are living your life’s purpose by doing the most with this precious life that you have?

Perhaps you are finding that the idea of living your purpose is overwhelming and even tortures you?

I have a really unique way of thinking about life’s purpose and want to share with you one cool tip that will keep you in your purpose every single day.

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Does your life purpose or the idea of it torture you? You really want to make sure that you’re living your life’s purpose, and contributing, and doing the most with this precious life that you have? Well, I have a really unique way of thinking about life’s purpose that might take some of the torture out of it, and the pleasure will be enhanced by understanding it. I want to share with you some really interesting information and one cool tip that will keep you in your purpose every single day.I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years. One of the main things that most human beings have on their heart at any given time is wanting to contribute and to live their life’s purpose. Another way to look at it is destiny. The thing is I think we incarnate, we come down here to this planet, with a really good idea of what we want to achieve, how we want our soul to grow, how we want to be a part of other people’s lives, to really contribute our gifts and who we are, and to make this a better place. In that, we have this beautiful little kernel of desire, and that desire is about life’s purpose. Then once we get here, we get piled on. The way we’re raised and trained, and how this world works, and who we have to be, and how it all has to come together for us in our lives may take us away from our life’s purpose. That kernel is still there, that desire, that powerful thing saying, “I want to live my life’s purpose. I want to know what my purpose here is.” That’s still there. Then we have the career, and the job, and the family, and the self-esteem, and the confidence, and the connections, and all these various things that move us out of that.

Well, I have a philosophy, and that is that we don’t have just one life’s purpose or even two or three big life purposes. I believe that we have 100,000 or more purposes in this lifetime. Now, before you get a little overwhelmed at the idea of oh, my gosh. I was scrambling with one or just trying to live this one I know about, before you feel that way, I want to share with you what I mean. You are a gift. You are important right now as you are. You are contributing your purpose here in this lifetime right now. It’s the little conversation you have with the person at the coffee shop that brightens their day, or that moment of deepness that you have about something that’s going on, that you didn’t even think about having this conversation with a stranger and you did. It’s that book that you gave your best friend when they were going through a rough time. It’s letting that person in in traffic when they’ve had a crummy day and they’re stressed out. You pull that stress away of not having to merge into traffic and make it tough. You make it easy for them. It’s a smile. It’s a look. It’s taking a nap, taking care of yourself. There’s all kinds of ways in which we have a purpose in every moment. We really have a purpose in every moment. Sometimes that purpose feels really big and grand. You help somebody out, or maybe you pay off somebody’s bill, or there’s some cool thing that you get to do that feels really nourishing and grand. Sometimes it’s minute. It’s little. In fact, it could be so little that you don’t notice it, but the person next to you does.

Now, how do we live this? Well, I am a fan of this internal guidance system, this factory installed guidance system that we’re all born with. Its job is to literally keep you in alignment with your destiny and life’s purpose moment to moment to moment. Now, if you don’t know what your internal guidance system is, of course, go to Watch the video there on the home page, where I walk you through a very short, simple exercise that has you feel your internal guidance system for yourself. You can actually feel it. You’ll be like, “Wow. This is cool. I felt it.” It resides between your throat and your upper solar plexus area where your ribs come together. It has been operating your entire lifetime, giving you guidance on what you’re thinking and whether what you’re thinking is in alignment with your purpose, carrying you towards it and accomplishing it, or what you’re thinking is carrying you away from your purpose in the moment, farther away, and you’re not accomplishing it.

There’s this very cool way that I every day get in touch and in tune with my internal guidance system. It’s really simple. Whether I’m at my desk, or maybe I’m in my car, or I’m sitting on my couch, or whatever, I sit down and rest, and feel my feet and my hands. Then I listen to the room around me. If you’ve done the exercise with your internal guidance system, you’ve done this with me. Just feel your feet. You can even do it right now. Feel your hands. Doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing. You’ll notice they might get a little tingly. They will feel like they might have a little energy. Some people describe it as a little heat or warmth. Then listen to the world around you. What this does is it brings you into the present moment. Your internal guidance system is giving you guidance on what’s happening, if you let it, in this present moment. Then I wait. I just relax with those feelings. If my mind starts saying, “This is stupid,” or “I don’t have time for this,” or starts giving me things that feel like they’re coming from my mind… One of the things you’ll find is when you start studying your internal guidance system, your mind becomes an energy. You know when your mind is making up a story of what’s going on there. Then you also have this other guidance system that’s in the center area of your body. What it feels like is an upwelling. It feels like a pulling. It comes from the center below the solar plexus, and it lifts, it moves out of you in a direction.

An example is if you’ve ever thought about calling somebody, and as you were thinking of calling them…It just occurred to you…you have this movement already to the phone? You’re reaching out already. You can feel that. Or maybe you’ve been a dancer before. The next move in the dance that you’re doing, whether it be just regular old boogeying down or professional, more structured dance, the next move you can feel where to go next. Another way to think about it is if you ever get into a really great cleaning spree on a beautiful spring day. You’re zipping through your house, and you can feel the next thing to do. You pick up the laundry; and then you scrub this thing; and you go get the vacuum. The next thing you know, your whole house is clean, but you didn’t plan any of it; it just happened. You just moved.

People explain this in ways of when you’re doing sports, or there’s an inward movement. I’m hoping you’re connecting with this. Well, you can get into that perfect flow… Remember flow is feeling light, open, and wise. You can live your life in this beautiful, perfect flow. Now, that flow, in it, you are living your purpose for that moment. It’s a thing. It’s a physical, energetic thing. This opening and closing of your internal guidance system, when you’re feeling open, you’re getting in alignment with a divine path that exists, that’s real, that’s powerful. When you’re in it, you can physically feel it. Remember when you were a kid, and you used to play the hot/cold game? There would be an object. They’d blindfold you, and then all the kids would yell, “Hot, hot. No, no, you’re getting colder, colder. Oh, warm, warmer”? Well, that’s what this is like, except it’s inside your body, and it’s doing it for your purpose.

When you get in touch with it and you just drop in, feel your feet and your hands, and you’re listening, that just gets you to the present moment. Then you feel what is to be done next. Answer emails, make a phone call, take a nap, time to have lunch. You feel what to do next. You are stepping back into that alignment. There comes a place when you practice this that you stay there, that life becomes magical. I believe magic is the norm, that synchronicity happens because synchronicity is the norm on this planet. Look at how nature is operating, how perfect everything fits together out in nature. Well, we are a part of that. Our mind takes us away from it, takes us out of it, but in general, when we get our mind out of the way, and drop into the present moment, and allow this other sense of self to come through, we step back into that perfection, that synchronicity, that magic. You’re able to do this. All it does is just take a little bit of practice and awareness.

This week what I would really love is if you would do that. Do that two or three times today. Whenever you feel struggle or like something is difficult or hard, you’re off your purpose. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer program that you’re futzing with, an email you can’t find, a phone call that you can’t seem to connect with. Doesn’t matter what it is that you’re struggling with. If you’re struggling, you’re off your purpose. Stop everything you’re doing. Allow finesse to come back by being present with your hands, your feet, and listening to the world around you. Then just wait. Be patient. That upwelling will happen. It’s like pulling one thread in a knotted ball of thread. It’s the perfect thread. You pull it, and the whole thing comes undone. That’s what happens to that struggle.

I hope you enjoyed this. I love that you’re listening to this podcast. Please, please, please, as my friend Alex Mendozian says, “Sharing is caring.” Please share this podcast with your friends if you’re liking this information. I need support in getting this message out that we’ve got stress all wrong, that there is a much more fun, better way to do life. I would love your help. Also, comment below. I would love to hear from you. I enjoy reading your comments and getting to understand more about you, and what you think of this material, and how you’re using it in your life. Until I get to be with you again, I am sending you love and blessings.

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