Your Internal Guidance System: What Is It Telling You?

Step One: Believe that you have your own Internal Guidance System (IGS)!

Did you know that you are experiencing your IGS all the time, everyday? Your IGS is a sensory based system, and it sends you it’s guidance by contracting and expanding pressure in your throat, chest and solar plexus (the area where the top of your ribs comes together). This guidance system was programmed just for you with all the information you need to guide your life. At times it is drown out by thoughts and emotions, but it is always there and has a lot of information to give to you about where your thoughts are taking you!

Here is some of what it knows:
  • It has information regarding life decisions both large and small.
  • It knows how to create a way out of situations in your life that are full of struggle and stress.
  • It knows how to move you toward a fulfilling life both spiritually and materially.
  • It knows what will truly make you happy and what are false desires that will not make you happy.
  • It knows how to help you become the person you really want to be in all areas of your life such as relationships, family, health and in your inner life.
  • It knows how to lead you through your life so you have the most fun possible and get to truly enjoy yourself.
How do I feel my IGS?

The fastest way to get in touch with your IGS is to do the meditation in either the video, on the blog called “feeling your IGS” or the audio version under the Media tab.

The sensations you feel in your body, (expansion pressure called opening and contraction pressure called closing) we often label as “bad” sensations like stress or anxiety. If you have felt a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, a pressing feeling in your chest, or possibly a lump in your throat, you have felt your IGS®.

The closing of the IGS is a type of constriction, which is what most consider to be stress, frustration, anxiety, worry and fear however these sensations are connected to what you are thinking not what is happening in the world around you. They are responses from your Internal Guidance System that are telling you to examine what you are thinking and very often what beliefs you are thinking behind the thoughts. So the key is to feel the sensations, realize it is guidance and then begin to shift your thoughts to find ones that create a sensation of opening, relief, relaxation, more air in your lungs or an uplifting sensation.  It is in learning to shift your thoughts that puts you on the path to follow your own unique life path. Yes, all of these sensations are actually the closing or opening of your IGS and it is actually a form of deep wisdom from your spiritual source.

Most often what is needed when we feel the closing sensations is a perspective shift. Very often we get so caught up in what out mind is telling us or what it believes that we fail to question the validity of the thoughts. Is that really true? Is it really true that my boss wants to fire me? You can ask your IGS these times of questions and get an opening or closing sensation. It is in the questioning of our mind that we build a relationship with our IGS.

The key thing to know about your IGS® is that the sensations mentioned above don’t come from anything that is happening in the world around you. It is not from what is happening outside of your mind. The openings and closings are all coming from what you are thinking about what is going on in the world around you.


How can the IGS help me in my life?

The purpose of these sensations is to help you shift your thoughts toward something or away from something that is either not in or in your best interest. It is to provide you with immediate feedback on whether your thoughts and choices are bringing you toward greater joy, love and success or bringing you toward suffering, pain and failure. Why this makes a difference is because what you think about is what create, which determines what you get in life.

This is a very new and unique way to understand how you are being guided in your life from your heart, soul and spirit. Your IGS is giving you guidance on what you are thinking about the people, situations and events happening in the world you are encountering, this includes the thoughts you have on a regular basis about yourself.

Even though your guidance system has been with you since you were born, you may not know all the ins and outs of how to use it. Just like your car, computer or t.v. you may be able to do basic things but if you were to use the manual you might be shocked about what you don’t know about these common items in your life. You already know some of what you need to about how to follow your IGS’s guidance. If you have read any self help books, sports training books, leadership, business books, it is all about being clear in your goals and focusing your attention toward the achievement of goals by focusing your thoughts. Focusing your mind and taking action on what you think up works. It works even better when you combine your focus with the opening of your IGS. Your Internal Guidance System will show you how to achieve what you are focused upon, when you are asking for too little, too much or in a time period that is not the best.

However, many of us have so many thoughts that are creating constricting pressure in our body that we often have a challenging time raising up to move our focus toward expanding pressure causing thus empowering thoughts. So instead what often happens is we get trapped in the dis-empowering thought cycles and create more dis-empowerment in our lives. Even if we think up our biggest dreams and try to focus on them we can often get caught up in our minds and what it thinks about what we can achieve. Your IGS knows much more deeply what you are capable of and will lend you the opening energy to believe in yourself and your dreams. What you IGS knows is how unique, special and amazing you are and will help you get to see it for yourself.

Your IGS is a largely untapped resource that you can now easily learn to understand and use. It is there to help you experience your highest purpose and at the same time to live a great life. It is naturally attempting to lead you toward achieving your most empowered self and the perspective that will bring you the life you desire.

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