What If You Actually Had A Genie In A Lamp? You DO!

A new consciousness technology that increases your ability to have what you desire

What if I was a genie from a magic bottle and could grant you three wishes?  Where would you start?  If you really only had three wishes, how fast would you use them?  Would it take you forever to decide? Would you be frozen with fear of making a mistake? In one way or another, most of us limit our ability to have more of what we want in our lives. Even people who have what appears to be everything, still find ways to limit what they can  achieve. So, what is it about pushing the limits of what we think we can have that is so difficult for us to embrace? Why is it stressful at times to believe we can have more of what we desire? How do we really know what to wish for?  More importantly, how do we make the best wish of all?

The answer is  simple and better than any genie you could imagine.  In fact, it is the first step to learning how to become a manifesting master. The answer is your Internal Guidance System and it encompasses consciously creating every moment. 

The Internal Guidance System is a direct body connection to divine source energy, what one could call God, The Universe, Creator, Chi, Nature or what ever you call a greater power in the universe. It is focused on helping you understand what your thoughts are manifesting.The law of attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. Our thoughts are actually derived from energy that emanates from our bodies, attracting us to similar energy. Your IGS is always paying attention to your thoughts and it lets you know if you are manifesting what you truly desire. As you gain access to your ability to manifest more and more in life, you may come face to face with your own limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs, which are often not known to you, stop you from reaching your highest potential. They limit your ability to obtain all that the Universe intends for you. By harnessing the power of your Internal Guidance System, you can learn to trust what is right for you and to know if you are limiting what you can create.

The Internal Guidance System is located in the center of the body between the throat and the stomach area, and it communicates with you through physical sensations in the body — oscillations of expansion or “opening” and contraction or “closing” that are felt in the chest area. These sensations are responses to your own thoughts, letting you know if your thoughts are true, and whether they are in alignment with what you want and what is on your purpose.

Your mind is available to you so that you can think of many creative possibilities and choose the one that opens you to focus on. Imagine that your IGS is like a compass in your mind.  The opening and closing sensations are like the arrow bouncing back and forth on the dial. This movement is coming from your thoughts, and your Internal Guidance System is the magnetic pull attempting to keep you focused northward, towards your intended goal.  As your thoughts get closer to north you feel better and better. As soon as you feel a thought that opens you up, that is the direction to focus on. Try it now and see what happens.

The IGS creates the internal knowing that what opens you is for you. It will give you the courage to build bigger dreams and take bigger steps toward your goals with the knowing that the steps are on track.  The general result is you actually do get what you just thought about. If you had this when I was giving you your three wishes earlier, then it would have been easy to pick the best three wishes.

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