What Have You Done For Your Spiritual Side Lately?

I am sure you realize that the body, mind and spirit are an important triad in life. However, most people naturally spend most of their time working on their mind. If the spirit and body get attention, it is usually a minimal amount of time. For example, you might put attention on your body by exercising for an hour three times a week.

Your spirit maybe get’s church, a quick prayer before bed or 20 minutes of meditation here and there. These numbers are generous for some people. If you are doing more, that’s wonderful. I commend you! My next question is: Are you happy with the results? Your Internal Guidance System® (IGS®) is the core of a completely new way to being on a spiritual path, accessing Divine Guidance and delivering a completely new approach to how you are living your life. Is that not what being on a spiritual path is all about?

There are three aspects (actually there are more, but these three are the beginner’s keys to success) that make the IGS unique and very useful:

  1. You can feel it as you go about your life. It is guiding you spiritually, moment to moment, and you don’t need to make special time for it.
  2. It guides you in looking for more opening thoughts which in turn decreases stress, brings about wise decisions and gives you new perspectives on your life that truly make a difference.
  3. You can feel it within you being smart, active and caring about you, so you often feel connected to something bigger, grander than you.

These three things are the primary reasons people look for a spiritual practice to incorporate into their lives. The challenge is all about when to incorporate it. If you are like the rest of us, you barely have time to do your laundry and put it away, let alone find time to nurture your spiritual side. Well, the interesting thing is you already are spiritual regardless of how little you feel that way. It’s the truth. It actually is a fact that you cannot take the Spirit out of the human equation; you can only ignore it. What is needed is not becoming more spiritual. Instead, what is needed is to connect easily with what is right there inside you all the time.

Your IGS is a powerful way to do this because if you pay attention, you can feel it expanding and contracting. Once you feel it, you are able to learn how to use it and quickly begin to wonder how it gets the powerful, wise information that it uses to guide you. When you are present to your IGS, you will feel an excitement and sense of awe, which are very crucial aspects on the path of discovering spirit as a living essence. You use your IGS, follow it and viola, you are off on a daily spiritual practice exploring your Self, your connection to something awe-inspiring and at the same time, learning about various aspects of our spiritual world. In addition, you quite naturally stay on the path because you are the path. There is no path outside of you. The actual answers are within you. You become your own guru, or as I prefer, your own Yoda, teaching yourself how to use the Force.

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