Video: Your Body Has An Inner Compass Guiding You To Happiness!

Your Internal Guidance System is not just helping you say yes or no to things, it is actually telling you how to dream bigger that you ever thought you could.

Most people think the IGS is more like an on or off switch. The truth is it is more like a valve letting more or less energy flow in your body based on how on target your thinking is.

By now, you have felt the opening and the closing sensations. Well, I wanted to tell you more about what they mean. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on there. You see, most people, when they first feel their Internal Guidance System, they think of it more like an on and off switch or a yes or no to getting answers in relationship to what they’re thinking. The reality is your IGS is more like a compass: North, South, East, and West. It’s a compass and a compass moves in different directions based on what direction you’re going in.

So here’s the thing: your IGS—the close sensation—let’s say is south. The tightening and the feeling due south shows up like fear, stress, anxiety or worry. In fact, when your IGS compass is pointing straight south, you feel like you’re having a panic attack—literally a panic attack. As it moves up, to, let’s say East or West, depending on which coast you’re from (or which coast you’re aligned to, I should say) what you’ll find is that’s more of a neutral sensation.

You know there are times in your life when you know you’re not feeling anything in particular in here—that’s neutral. You’re not really receiving any guidance other than everything’s just fine and then as it moves up from the East West position up to North, what you’ll find is, North is really open. When your IGS is pointing north, it’s opening—super opening! It could be like ecstasy, it could be like being the highest you have been after a major run, a super fun surfing trip or something else fabulous, or even being in love—very open.

Now these are not emotional experiences. There’s an energy that’s expanding and contracting in the body and when energy expands and contracts in the body, our mind makes that expansion and contraction mean something. Often times it will show up like you’re in pain when you’re closed, deeply closed. Your mind will tell you you’re in such horrible pain, but in reality, you’re just off your path.

Now, when you’re in a big opening, the energy is flowing through your body. It’s one of the purest, cleanest sensations that you can have. Your mind doesn’t know what to do and your body feels so good it says it’s in love or that is in ecstasy or it’s in deep levels of pleasure. Everything is great and wonderful.

The key is this is not an emotional experience. Your emotions are a biochemical reaction that happens in your body. Your mind generates a story for instance. It will make meaning out of something and whether that meaning is good or bad according to your mind, you’ll have an emotional reaction in your body. Your mind then releases biochemicals into your physical body that give you an emotional experience.

Here’s what’s interesting: those emotions are like a drug. The difference between your Internal Guidance System and the emotional experiences that you have is that your IGS doesn’t release biochemicals into your body. It’s giving you a schematic, body-based sensation related to the thoughts that you’re having that is not biochemical in nature.

Your emotions are biochemical in nature. In other words, have you ever noticed that when you got really angry, even when the situation was resolved you’re still angry because it took a while for you to calm down? Maybe you got really sad but then something got better and you realized you didn’t need to be so sad anymore.

However, it took a while because that sadness kind of rolled away, got burned off. Well, that’s because there are actual chemical-based drugs in your body. Similar to alcohol, it takes a while for those drugs to dissipate. You can’t just sober up immediately. You’ll know when you’re in the middle of an emotional state because you’ll have biochemicals racing through your body versus just feeling your Internal Guidance System.

The piece that I want you to get from this article today is that your IGS operates like a compass. It’s moving—expanding and contracting based on what your thoughts are. I’m going to go back into that more in the next video so I can give you an understanding of the guidance that it is giving you, and then we’ll work on the different areas of the body and what they mean.

For example, what does it mean to have a deep clogged feeling in your throat or what if you feel like you have a rock put in your stomach, more like somebody is pushing down your chest? I want to give you an understanding of what those mean and how to dissect that information so you can make smarter, more effective choices.

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  • Aimee Cartier

    Great video Zen. Seeing you explain your compass terminology and the examples, were helpful.

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