Video: Using Your IGS For Time Management

Do you find yourself anxious about time? Rushing around feeling stressed and a bit panicked? One of the greatest gifts of our Internal Guidance System is it’s ability to help us manage our time and relax into living our lives. I will walk you through how to begin to get more done with less effort and how to relax about all of life’s little should, have to’s and need to do’s. Try it out, it really works.

One of the things that I really love most about the internal guidance system is how practical it is. This is not “woo woo.”

Number 1: You can feel it.

Number 2: It’s always there, self correcting-and helping you.

Number 3: It’s not just about the big stuff; it’s about the little stuff too.

One of the things that I joke about in my class is that I use it to figure out the bottom sheet of the bed. You know, like the short side and the long side. I used to always get it wrong. It was driving me crazy. I used to go ahead and put it on, and then I would have to take it off and turn it around because I got the side wrong.

Then, I would just stop for a second—“Is this the long side? Closed, all right.”—and flip it depending on where I am until I get it right. Now, I know that sounds crazy because most people come in thinking of the Internal Guidance System as this big sacred thing, you’re communicating with your soul— and you are. But your soul is not interested in only giving you information about the big stuff. It wants to help you with everything.  It wants your life to be great, amazing, easy and in the flow.

So, today I want to talk to you about how to use your Internal Guidance system when you’re rushing around in stress. Have you ever noticed when you’re trying to get out of the house and you start getting that tight feeling in your stomach, your chest, possibly even your throat? What’s happening is you’re having dis-empowering thoughts. Those self dis-empowering thoughts could be:

“Gosh Darn it! I’m always late. Everybody thinks I’m a flake. Why can’t I get myself together here?”

Those are the kinds of thoughts that will close your throat. You’re rushing around the house or maybe you’re even out of the house, rushing around trying to get all your errands done before you have to go back to work or pick your kids up from school or whatever it is you’re working on, and your mind is racing ahead of you, thinking about all the things you have to do and you’re getting this tight sensation.

Well, this is what’s interesting. Very often, not only do we try to pack too much in, we also look at the entire list of things that we have to get done and we make up stories about how, if we don’t get this done then something bad is going to happen.

“If I don’t get the grocery shopping done now, then I’m not going to have time to do it later, then I’m going to have to take my kids to grocery store with me which is going to be hell because they’re going to make my life miserable just asking me for everything.” The mind goes…on and on.”

Well your IGS gives you guidance on these thoughts as to whether they’re:

Number 1: True

Number 2: In alignment carrying you toward success

Number 3: What you should be thinking at all.

If you’re getting a tight close sensation when you’re rushing around doing errands, this is what I need you to do:

Relax, stop for a minute, write down what you need to do on a list,and go through it piece by piece. Check and see if each task is intended to be done right now. If you open, that means you do have enough time. You can relax  and start working on the list and stop your mind from driving you crazy, stressing you out about not having enough time.

Believe me, we all have a mind that drives all of us crazy in someway or another. Part of your IGS’s job is to help you have consciousness around your mind, help you figure out what is important to be doing now and help you relax the nervous system of your body by opening. Then you can become present in the moment with whatever you are doing right then.

You’ll find that the more you cultivate openings, the less you’ll have accidents and hurt yourself, the less you will make mistakes in buying things you don’t need to buy. We’ll get into that a little bit more but most importantly it helps you to drop into your body and begin to see what needs to happen.

Now, as you’re making this list, another thing that I recommend is, once you’ve opened, that all of it can get done now, if an item on your list closes you, go ahead and take it off.

You can also check in and say;

“Should I do it later on today? Is it going to be okay if I leave it till tomorrow?” “Opening, it’s okay to leave it tomorrow.” Okay, I’m not going to worry about that.”

Go through your list, check and see in which order things need to be done. You may have been thinking about going to the post office and then the dry cleaners and then running by the grocery store. In reality, the post office line will be long when you would be getting there, so your IGS leads you to grab your cleaners first then go to the post office.

Now, you may be thinking, “How the heck does my IGS know that?” I really don’t have an answer for that. I just have 20 years of my own personal experience and 10 years working with others that it somehow knows what’s what. It somehow knows the future. It somehow can have you avoid problems and challenges and if you do show up and there’s a line at the post office and you’re open when you get there, you may just find that you’re suppose to be there because the person in front or behind you in line is someone you need to meet.

It’s kind of crazy that way. That’s why I say it creates synchronicity. So, When you’re rushing around and you’re starting to get closed, that means what you’re thinking and how you’re thinking about things is not in alignment. Go through your list, slow down. That is the most important thing and see what opens you and what closes you.

I promise that, very soon, as you keep doing this, what it’ll look like is; “I need to go to the cleaners. Oh, I closed, I don’t need to pick up the clothes today. Okay, I can get it later on this week at some point. It’s going to be fine. Okay, great!” and you let it go. That what happens as you get more practice. Thanks so much for learning all about this. It really makes a difference in your life and it makes a difference in the lives of the people in your life.

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