Internal Guidance System, Throat, Chest, Solar Plexus? What Do The Closings Mean?

Have you every had a lump in your throat? How about a rock sensation in your solar plexus that stays for days? Tightening in your chest? No, you haven’t eaten something rotten, its your Internal Guidance System trying to tell you something. In this next video you will learn what these area’s mean and how to work with them to gain insights and feel better.

By now you’re probably pretty curious about what this expansion and contraction—or what I call the opening and closing of your Internal Guidance system—is. Well, that’s actually a very interesting and profound thing. Your body is responding to what you’re thinking and it has this incredible wisdom. There are three areas that make up your Internal Guidance System. It shows up in the throat area like a lump, it shows up in the chest area like pressure or tightening and constricting and it shows up right where the two rib cages come together, in that center area called the solar plexus where it feels very much like a rock or a churning sensation. I have had people tell me that they have lived with a rock feeling in their stomach for years and years.

What I’m here to tell you is that these three areas are three different responses to your thoughts. Three different meanings regarding what your thinking thinking is creating in your life.

The throat area is when you’re actually undermining your own power. This shows up before you give a speech or perhaps you’re in a fight in a relationship and you somehow feel ashamed or feel like you’ve done something wrong. Maybe somebody is criticizing you and you’re believing the criticism that they’re giving you instead of telling them, “Uh uh, that is not true.” When those kinds of things are going on, you’ll get this tight lump feeling in your throat.

Here’s what you need to do when that happens: as you examine what you’re thinking and you find the thoughts that you’re having that are dis-empowering you—what you’re thinking about yourself, not what that person’s saying—you reverse them. You actually say: No, I’m not buying into that, that’s not true. It’s not true that I am a controlling person or it’s not true because my throat is closed and I can actually feel that it’s not true or it’s not true that I was trying to manipulate somebody or it’s not true that I had poor intentions or it’s not true that I’m actually going to be horrible in the speech I’m giving. That is when it shows up. The thoughts that are running through your mind are undermining your own power.

Now, the chest area is very different. That area, when it’s tight, is actual current information on what is going on in your life right now, right in that moment today. Therefore, you’ll get a tight feeling when you think, Oh I need to go to the grocery store or maybe it’s not the right time to go to a grocery store. You might feel the chest area loosening when you think, Okay, the timing isn’t right to go to a grocery store now. The interesting thing is how accurate your internal guidance system really is.

When you have something like that happen, all of a sudden somebody will call and need something from you. For instance, right when you would’ve left, your spouse calls and says, “I need you to do something at the house” or someone asks you to fax some documents to them or bring them something that they need for soccer practice. There will be some reason why, if you had gone to the grocery store right then, that you would have to come all the way back home to handle this one issue. This is why it’s really important that you listen to your IGS.

The solar plexus area has it’s own meaning too. The closing feels like a rock, a knot, a tightness or even sometimes a churning when something doesn’t feel right. This is when it’s closed. When this happens, there’s a whole bunch of thoughts that have a similar theme to them. For example, I’m never going to get a job. I’m not making enough money. I’m getting more and more in debt. I’m going to really blow it in my life, financially.

It’s a whole thing and it colors the way you see the world. Could be that you’re thinking that your partner is unhappy with you and looking to break up with you. What will happen is that the more you think about them wanting to break up with you and being unhappy with you, the more every single thing they say and every action they take proves that to you. It is not true but, in your mind, all the evidence is being stacked up against this person. If it’s not true and it’s actually hurting your life to be believing that body of thought, you’ll have a churning sensation in your stomach.

It’s a way for your IGS (Internal Guidance System) to let you know that there is a belief or story that you’re thinking that’s not true. It’s crucial that you change that belief system or that body of thought, that you uncover what the theme is and recalibrate it to what is true. Your IGS can help you with that. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re learning about your internal guidance system and I can’t wait to share more. There’s so much to learn about this unique, factory-installed individual part of you.

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