Video: Four Words That Cause Closing In The Internal Guidance System

Having trouble with closing thoughts coming out of no where? When you do close are you struggling with figuring out why? Well here is a big huge time saver. When you close see if one of these four words are rambling around in your thoughts. They almost always start you down a closing train of thought.

Four Words that Often Close Your Internal Guidance System

 I have four amazing words that always uncover blind spots in my life where I’m closing with my IGS, and I don’t even realize it. Over a period of time, when you discover these four words, you can begin to cultivate the opening instead of the closing, and you’ll be shocked at how much your life just falls into place.

What are these four words? Should, Have to, Need to, Must

Okay, that could be six words because of the “to’s” in there (really six words because the “to’s” in there—I don’t’ do math in public well). Anyways, those words—should, have to, need to and must—are always closing for me when I’m unconscious about them.

They show up for me when I’m trying to make a To Do list, when I’ve over obligated myself with people and friends in my life or when I have ideas about what I must get done. There’s that word! These words aren’t in alignment with my purpose and my destiny and what’s right for me in the moment.

We get caught up with the shoulds, have to’s, need to’s and musts, to the point where they cause stress and anxiety. We begin to worry about the things that are not getting done. They weigh on us overnight so we wake up in the middle of the night, hearing them over and over and over again. “I should have done that today. Aw, I must get that done soon!” It could be anything from what you should be eating, how you should be treating your kids, what you should be getting done at work, what you’re accomplishing with your life or even how you are doing with your personal development goals. It’s all over the place!

My recommendation is to really put out somewhere in your house, in your life, a little card that says: should, have to, need to, and must to remind you to look for these trigger words. Now if you’re opening that you should do something, that’s great and that means it is yours to do but the energy will be different. If you’re stressed out by all of the shoulds, have to’s, need to’s and musts in your life, that means you’re closed. That means the way you’re thinking about things is not in alignment with what’s going to bring you the most ease, happiness and success in your life.

So, watch for those words and check to see if your IGS is open or closed. Lets say you are having the thoughts: “I really need to be eating better. I really need to be exercising more.” and then you have a closing. “What now, Zen,” you may ask. How can I close? Those things are healthy. Actually we only have so much time in our lives.

There are a lot of things that we’re here to accomplish and sometimes it’s just not the right time to take on a new exercise routine or a new eating habit. Quite possibly our IGS knows that we’re not going to have the time and capability to do that, and in even trying, we’re just going to be more upset with ourselves for not getting it done.

This vast, extraordinary part of yourself actually knows what is yours to do in the moment and what are the things that you can leave behind for now. So, if you’re stressing over something in particular like that, check it out and then use your IGS to find an opening. “Aww, it’s really not that important for me to start that new exercise routine right now or that new eating plan that I have. Oh, that feels like an opening! Actually I’m going to get to it and it feels even more opening, just not right now and when I get to it, it’ll be perfect.”

By doing this practice of checking out your shoulds, have to’s, need to’s and musts, what you’re going to find is the stuff you don’t need to do, shouldn’t do and don’t have to do are going to fall away.

What’s going to happen is you’re going to have more time. Things are going to get done in the exact order that they need to get done so that you’ll be prepared and ready as life comes forward towards you.

All right, so I hope that helps. Remember post that should, have to, need to and must sign  somewhere—your car, your bedroom, your bathroom, in your office, in your desk—so you can watch for those words floating through your mind and check to make sure that they’re opening you instead of closing you.

Thank you so much for watching these videos and reading these articles. I love that you’re learning about your Internal Guidance System.

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