Do Not Get Out Of Bed In The Morning…Without Doing This!

Learning to use your IGS should be done in small baby steps. You can trust it’s guidance with large important issues in your life but at first your mind may drive you crazy with doubt. In this next video I will give you a simple way to begin to use it daily and see how effective it is. Not only that but you will begin to see just how incredibly accurate it is at helping you plan your life.

Have you felt the expansion and contraction of your Internal Guidance System? You may have been playing with it for a while now and are wondering how you can use it in various situations. It’s pretty amazing, noticing what opens you and closes you, but the interesting thing most people realize rather quickly is that it is not as simple as it seems.

It takes time to trust this fascinating and unique part of yourself. I mean, come on, are you really just going to give your life over to these expansion and contraction feelings? No, not right off the bat. I would think you’re silly if you even tried to do that. What I suggest, if you haven’t done this all already, is begin playing with it in small situations in your life.

Part of what I would like to provide in this blog is to give you ways to play with it that are healthy, easy and build your faith in it through trial and error—your own personal trial and error. Through the course of these videos, I will give you all kinds of little exercises that will build your faith in following your openings. I’ll show you how truthful this whole process is for you and not only that, it’ll cut out some of the pain points that I had in the first ten years I was learning to use my Internal Guidance System.

Since your IGS is giving you information about what you’re thinking, what often happens is your mind begins to create doubt about following your openings. It begins to undermine you using your Internal Guidance System. In fact, very often what people do is use opposite questions:Should I do this?/I should not do this. Because I gave you the initial meditation of I do have an Internal Guidance System/I don’t have an Internal Guidance System, I kind of set you up for using opposites to question your IGS. Unfortunately, that’s not the most powerful way to use it.

Here’s the first activity that I’d love you to try first thing in the morning, especially if you wake up via an alarm clock. Have you noticed how often you will roll over and want to hitsnooze? However, hitting snooze doesn’t actually give you any more relaxation or extra sleep. As you lay there for those 4-10 minutes, your mind begins moaning and groaning that you have to get up at all, or it’s complaining and bemoaning that you should get out of bed because you need to get ready, or your mind helps you out by starting to go over your day and the things you have to do. This is not very relaxing and not conducive to sleeping a few more quick winks.

Very often your IGS will have it’s closing and opening sensations as you lay there in bed.Try it tomorrow morning, watch your thoughts roll on by and feel your IGS guiding you on them. Then actually push yourself out of bed without the snooze button, what can happen at that point is as you’re mind is grumbling and making you walk around the house like a bummed-out zombie, upset about having to get your day started, again notice if your thoughts are opening or closing.

If, for some reason, you don’t have a morning routine like this, and your mind does not try to make you miserable no matter what you choose, then you can apply the same type of exercise to somewhere else in your life where you’re going back and forth about wanting something or not having something. It can be for desserts, whether you should have it or whether you shouldn’t have it, or that extra piece of bread that’s sitting in the breadbasket tempting you. To exercise or not to exercise—there’s a good one. There are all kinds of places in our lives where our mind kind of pushes us around a bit, so just apply it to that.

Here’s what you do to turn your morning routine into a peaceful one. You’re lying in bed, the alarm goes off, and you go to hit snooze. Go ahead and hit snooze and before you either relax or get up, feel your feet or your hands, follow your breath—its always good to quiet your mind— then hold the thought, It’s in my highest good to get up out of bed right now. You’ll either feel a closed/tightening sensation in the chest area like a constriction—I call that a closing—or an opening/slight expanding sensation—I call this an opening. Depending on what you are feeling, your IGS will be guiding you to relax in bed a bit longer or get on up and get going.

Let’s say you get an opening. Then what you’ll do is you’ll hold a second thought: Great, I get to relax for a few more minutes. You’ll feel an opening sensation again. When you feel that expansion, that is your IGS letting you know Yes. Indeed. You are able to stay in bed. It’ll not affect your day, it’s beneficial. As your mind tries to get you out of bed, simply realize it is not giving you a true worry to be concerned about. Keep repeating no, I have time, I can rest a bit longer. Do this until you feel a closing. That is your IGS letting you know that now it is time to get moving.

Over time, your mind will just begin to relax. This is because that opening sensation begins to train your mind to relax and over time your mind realizes your IGS is telling the truth. Eventually, as you do this practice more and more, you will learn more about your Internal Guidance System, your mind will begin to rely on this opening and closing sensation and your mind will begin to relax in other areas of your life. I’ll talk a little bit more about the mind in another video, but for this one, your mind will be able to relax and you’ll actually be able to lay in bed, get that extra moment of relaxation and sleep and wake up slowly.

Now, the opposite can also be true. You’re laying there and saying; I’m able to just lay here in bed and get to relax but you get a closing/tightening sensation. That means it’s not true. You’re not able to lay in bed. If you hold the thought, Oh, that means I have to get up, you’ll feel an opening sensation or an expansion. Trust it. Get your buns out of bed because I’ll tell you what, what ever the reason is, you’re going to have either a slower morning than you think or you’re going to hit traffic or something is going to happen. Perhaps phone calls are going to happen earlier than you thought they would. Whatever it is, you are intended to get up for a reason. The timing of your day will be thrown off if you don’t get out of bed.

However, the difference is, when you get out of bed and hold the thought, This is the best thing for me is to be out of bed right now, that opening relaxed sensation happens and your mind can relax and not covet more rest as much. It won’t be upset about getting out of bed immediately. What happens is your morning starts off with an opening, which is energizing, and it feels good to be getting your day going.

The last little piece I want you to for sure remember is this: If you’re laying there in bed—you’ve got that opening that you’re allowed to stay in bed for a while longer and it is not going to affect your day, you’re able to lay there for a few snooze button pushes—and suddenly your IGS closes. Oh, I’m going to hit snooze one more time. Closed. Okay. That means I need to get up. Open. Alright, I’m out of bed.

Play with that for a while and like I said, if you have some other small, simple thing like that—where your mind goes back and forth, beating you up if you do, beating you up if you don’t—what I’d like for you to do is go ahead and use your IGS. It’ll start helping clear that out. What’s interesting is you’ll see the snowball effect of it being right.  It creates synchronicity in your life. That’s a part of what the Internal Guidance System is here to do for you—create flow and synchronicity.

Alright, thanks so much for learning about your Internal Guidance System. It actually thrills me. This is near and dear to my heart and so I’m very pleased and happy that you are discovering your Internal Guidance System.

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