Do you want a dramatic life change to happen for you? Then join me for a year of extraordinary learning.

Spirit Led Coaching Program: This course is for people who would like a structured approach to using their Internal Guidance System in their lives while being on or discovering their divine path and purpose in life.

A powerful program to get you using your IGS and intimately connected to a higher power in your life.

  • Have you been using your IGS on an irregular basis and are now truly ready to take it to the next level?
  • Have you felt your IGS but don’t know how to go from the knowledge you have it to using it daily?
  • Are you in need of an intuitive coach who knows what is going on with you on many different levels? One that can support you in making giant leaps forward in your life?
  • Have you wanted to work with me for a long time but have not known how to start?

I have created this program for people who what to or have been slowly working with their IGS. Yes it is even for those who do not know how to use their IGS but want to integrate it into their daily lives as a regular part of who they are. People who join my group coaching program immensely benefit from both group and personal coaching to move their lives forward and want to do so in a sustainable way.

This program is an amazing journey for 40 individuals who are wanting to dramatically change their lives and move to a new level of interacting with the world and their purpose.

You will receive 2 short lectures and 2 bi-monthly practices that will deepen your experience with your IGS. As you follow along with the Smart Soul Immersion portion of the program you will receive personal coaching from Zen both in an intimate group coaching setting and a one hour personal session with Zen individually. Course size is limited to 40 people.

What: 12 month program, bi-monthly exercises,  a LIVE three day intensive The Smart Soul Experience*, 2 monthly group coaching sessions and every month additional bonuses to move your life forward dramatically.
Where: These calls happen over a recorded telephone line and follow along with a very fun and exciting lecture series. Coaching calls are recorded so you can review them as needed.

Included ebook, Smart Soul Immersion Program Audio and Exercises: Each participant receives a copy of the audio book, ebook and audio exercises. The course will follow along with the Immersion program and add new powerful weekly exercises for you to use to experience how to use your IGS everyday.

Spirit Led Coaching program
  • Includes: 2 powerful IGS practices and exercises a month,
  • 2 live group coaching calls, plus two group sessions led by Zen each
  • 1 personal session with Zen
  • All calls, ebook, audio exercises and mp3 recordings of all sessions are included

This payment option is a commitment of 12 payments of $400 automatic payments on the 1st of each month.

ONE TIME PAYMENT to SAVE $800. Invest in the course up front and pay for 10 months.

What you will discover:

  • Integrate your IGS into who you are. Naturally using it on a daily basis.
  • Learn from others in an intimate group setting how the IGS is used in many, many different life purposes
  • Discover how to follow your very own unique path to living your life’s purpose
  • Understand how the IGS is a compass, not an on/off switch or a yes/no system – it is a valve controlling energy flow
  • Get monthly personal attention from Zen working on your life, business and vision
  • Use your IGS to guide your thinking in relationship to +/- thoughts
  • Follow your IGS toward fulfillment and success in various situations that are currently challenging you
  • Move through life long patterns with ease and guidance from your IGS
  • Reprogram you mind to generate and follow opening thoughts
  • Improve your relationships and the quality of your life dramatically
  • Discover how to increase what you attract to you by gaining insight into your spiritual core and presence

The live courses are perfect for you if you really want to experience working with Zen directly, in a small 40 person group and with super fun, enriching Internal Guidance System Content.

“This work has expanded me in a way that I can now feel my way into truth…I am living in greater joy than I have known my entire life and finding joy in things I wouldn’t have expected to find joy in because I am open to life…”
-Barbara: Actor

The Internal Guidance System has helped hundreds of people to create a sustainable joyous life. By using the power of your own innate wisdom and learning to trust it on a daily basis life becomes easy and comfortable.

It gives the fundamentals of how the mind generates thoughts, how to understand what your IGS is telling you about the thoughts you are having and then the tools to choose powerful new thoughts that are opening. Where we put our thoughts and what we think is what creates our life. Often our life is full of fear, stress and anxiety. These are all closing thoughts! You can learn to release the addictive closing thoughts and to recreate your life with opening, expanding new thoughts. Giving you what we refer to as the wonderful Divine sensation of your life happening in perfect order.

“The quality of my life has changed in a way that has been remarkable, in that I was someone who lived in my head. So there was a lot of second guessing and over analyzing things . Having the IGS to guide me has allowed me to trust myself. Which has been a HUGE time saver for me.”
-Reggie W. Life Coach

This intimate coaching program will help you: 

  • Meet others who are learning to use their IGS to live their purpose in life
  • On the spot coaching and correction from Zen with access to her intuition
  • Witness how the IGS works within others, begin to feel their openings and closings for yourself
  • Get an hour a month with Zen to focus on any area of your life: access her relationship, business and spiritual knowledge to keep you flowing and on purpose
  • How to apply your new openings and walk away with a sense of peace and confidence
  • How to keep the IGS active in your daily life for incredible transformation

Is the first truly concise “How to tap into your own innate divine wisdom”, that actually gives results. Results you see in the synchronicity that becomes a normal part of your world.

$400- 12 month course includes: Four powerful exercises a month, 2 live group coaching calls, one private session with Zen. All calls, ebook, audio exercises and mp3 recordings of all sessions.

SAVE $800 by paying for the course up front. If you desire you can pay for 10 months and get the last 2 free.

*The live course is located in Santa Cruz California at a beautiful retreat center. Cost of the course and food are covered. Transportation and lodging are up to the participants. The lodging if shared, cabin style is very affordable.

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