The Smart Soul Experience Weekend: A Soul-Blending Process to Fully Awaken Spirit Within

Be guided in Zen’s most intimate, in-person course, to shift to your soul’s true state of being. It is unlike any other course you’ve ever experienced.

The process blends your spirit and body to your true state of joy – changing your life forever… yes, really, forever.

Often we feel that something is broken inside us, that we need to be better. We get weighed down by the constant critic in our minds. Things are going on around us but something feels off inside and HARD to shift. We don’t know what to do about life’s challenges. We have a vision of what we want to be but we are somehow not being it.

This process lifts these blocks in one big shift. Some have called it an awakening. Others have called it suddenly “being” their true potential in a way they never imagined possible.

Throughout the weekend intensive, you will be guided to magically de-cloak your spirit. It happens naturally and with ease. There is no trying, only being – and revealing. Sometimes it happens as a pop, other times it happens with a distinct shift. And when it happens you you know it’s true – the true you. It’s already there, waiting to be set free inside you.

What is the Smart Soul awakening? It is a calling to live to your happiest, most fulfilling life that feels magical and synchronistic…

… a feeling deep inside that you are already perfect. A desire to live in this joyous, peaceful state and to fully love yourself and those around you. To make the most out of this life and to grow. To appreciate everything deeply. To know your purpose, be fulfilled and be inspired to do your small part to spread healing to those around you. To fully be in your flow NOW and learn how to unquestionably get back in it when you fall out. All of this happens at the Smart Soul Experience weekend and lasts a lifetime.

This experience lifts the restraints to reveal your highest, most blissful state.

During the weekend you will receive personal one-one-time with Zen supporting you in a powerful way. Be lead through her amazing soul-blending, her channeled process and purpose for being here. This is the only course you will receive such intimate, personally crafted care from Zen – she will intuitively know exactly how to support you in you in a caring way.

Powerfully deepen your experience with God and Spirit from within and feel the results SHINE from within you.

The exercises beyond the soul-blending process focus on understanding what your individual spiritual connection truly is and how we are intended to use it in our daily life. You will learn how to feel connected at any time and how powerful your spirit truly is. You will learn to feel your internal guidance, leading you at each moment.

Because of the success of many students who have done this course, you are guaranteed to have a powerful, experience you are pleased with.If you are open, you will receive.

Course Recap:

  • The Flagship Event: Experience Zen’s profound soul-blending process to experience your greatest sense of joy
  • Discover your purpose of your unique life
  • Learn how to experience true inner confidence and trust in any situation by knowing how to instantly connect to spirit and your guidance
  • Begin to understand how to feel and use your Internal Guidance System. Zen’s most practical spiritual tool, clearly guiding you at each moment
  • Practice feeling information coming in from others and get feedback on it’s accuracy
  • How to instantly feel connect to God/Spirit, even when faced with challenge
  • Understand how to create a centered peaceful life for yourself

Dates: 2017 dates coming soon!
Location: San Jose, CA
and Pittsburgh, PA.

6pm – 9pm Thursday
9 am – 6 pm Friday
9 am – 6 pm and 8 pm -10 pm Saturday
10 am – 4 pm Sunday

You’ll want to reserve your spot quickly enrollment is limited to 18 people. This course will sell out quickly as it is a favorite that we do only twice a year.

Course fee is $1497 includes lunches, snacks, dinner Friday and Saturday night. Travel and lodging are additional cost.

If interested, or you have questions, please use this form on my contact page to reserve your space.


Graduate comments:

“I was put in touch with my spiritual side. It was so easy to get to another level of being connected to God/Spirit/whatever you want to call it. It just shakes out your potential and you get to a deep level of peace and clarity. It was just so much easier than anything I have ever done before”

“I felt like I had a deep cleaning of my soul”

“This was super fun and I want to do it again. It was just life shifting. Like taking a breath of fresh air for the first time in my life. Who knew I could be so connected and feel so good.”

“For me the complete support of Zen creating a foundation that she sets up from the beginning made me feel totally safe to surrender and feel deeply the new energy connection she talks about. I knew that I was not going to be alone in the course and could really experience spirit in a way that is undeniable and so easy.”

“You’ll get tons of personal attention from Zen — she can help you discover your individual uniqueness as a human being, and provide feedback on your most challenging personal situations. In addition to Zen’s feedback, we’ve structured the course so that you have ample time to practice and discuss your experiences with others in the course.”

“Perhaps most importantly, I learned a great deal during the weekend. Not only did I learn about my Self, but I left with an entirely new set of skills.

“I am more confident in my ability to “drop in” to my listening practice, and can actually do so quite easily now. Prior to the intensive I found it difficult to drop in while at work and during my daily life. Its just not that difficult now.”

“I was glowing for over a year”

“It was a very relaxing magical course where I felt like my soul was revealed”

“My mind is filled with less chatter. It is almost as if my ego knows that it has a place, but is not the driving force in my life. At the least I am hoping I can hang on to the quiet as I can still feel my ego/thought’s kicking around inside of me, and they do still win! However, I can clear the mind chatter in a much easier and gentler manner now. Prior to the intensive I would become so very frustrated with my Self and think, “why can’t my mind just take a break?!”

“Another amazing skill that was honed during the intensive was my ability to listen. Really listen to that thought/voice that gurgles up from within. We spent a day practicing grounding our Selves and understanding/feeling the difference between what our mind is saying, and what is being told to us, so to speak.”

“Perhaps what I am enjoying most these days is the skill of focusing my energy within my Self. I use this as a tool to quickly drop into my listening practice as well as to guide me. It is a very grounding skill, and has allowed me to really tune in to Source, Spirit, God, Goddess, or whatever concept best suits you, as well as my IGS.”

“Additionally, the energy work we did during the intensive has given me the ability to use the deep listening skill to receive guidance from Source/ Spirit/God/Goddess. One only needs to be Open, Listen, and use their IGS.”

Course fee is $1497 includes lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday night.

If interested, or you have questions, please use this form on my contact page to reserve your space.

About Zen:
Zen is a powerful intuitive with a strong background in business, which allows her to give guidance that has practical and immediate value.  Clients who work with Zen report massively positive changes in their business and personal lives. Zen’s abilities help people transform their lives for the better.

The key to her success came when she developed her Internal Guidance System (IGS) which teaches individuals how to tap into and follow their own guidance.

Her best-selling book, The Smart Soul, has been used by thousands of people as a supportive tool to creating a better life. Zen is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is made up of leaders, CEOs, movie producers, speakers, authors, and others who are changing the world and having a huge impact. TLC includes such luminaries as Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, and Marianne Williamson.

Zen is unusual due to her practical business background with hardcore measured results. For example she got her start by founding of one of the first Internet design companies in the world, where she spent four years as the CEO of the executive team that took the company from $250,000 to $4,000,000. She is known for creating innovative strategies that are simple and work for fortune 500 companies, including Applied Materials, IBM, Electronic Arts, BP and VISA.

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