It’s not about Positive/Negative thoughts

The opening of your IGS is not simply about positive and negative thoughts. Did you know you can have what is thought to be a pleasant thought with a closing sensation from your IGS? Or an unpleasant thought with an opening from your IGS?

Your IGS is guiding you to the thoughts that are true and aligned with your souls roadmap. It is there to give you mastery of your mind and your ability to escape the dreaded craziness that happens there.



Zen DeBrucke

Zen is an intuitive business and personal consultant who has successfully assisted hundreds of business leaders to achieve their goals.


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  • Sousahne

    This is AWESOME!!!! Finally, I am going to get it! I bought your book..Your Inner GPS. And I am doing the stillness practice..The First one that I can actually do on a continuous basis yea!!
    Thank you soo much. I NEED guidance..divine guidance in my life. Yes, from fear to faith.


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