Magnetize Your Life weekend live June and July 2016 dates


Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee that you start to
see real results. Clarity. Open Flow. Manifesting Your Life.

1.Learn How To Consistently Manifest Your Life

12 modules designed to bring you into alignment with your heart’s desire. One Essential Key is discussed in depth in each module. Topics include:

  • Context – Why we have the Law Of Attraction

You set an intention and don’t get what you asked for? Learn how the Universe brings you what is in the way of having what you desire – and why that’s a good thing.

  • Thoughts are not all equal

Learn the 4 types of thoughts, and dive deep into understanding how Desire & Fear; Emotion; Intention/Missed Intention; and Resistance and Receiving play key roles in your manifestation.

  • Using your Internal Guidance System to find your way

Now that you know about the types of thoughts, use your IGS to find your true path through them.

  • Everything happens as a Spiral

When something comes back to you, learn how to celebrate – you’ve graduated to a new level to work with.

  • Polishing Your Mirror

How to look at what the Universe is reflecting back to you. This is the main practice for moving through judgement. (And judgement kills miracles.)

  • Musing

This most powerful tactic is very challenging to do consciously.
Learn the Key to making this work for you.

2.Group Coaching Calls with Zen

Ask Zen your questions, live, and learn from what other students ask

  • Live Group coaching calls during the course. Zen is a master coach. She has 25 years experience of realigning people’s attractor fields. Her coaching clients see immediate results,


This powerful course gives you the essential Keys to Manifestation

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