Intuition Vs. Internal Guidance: How To Tell The Difference

Many people ask if the IGS is the same thing as intuition. I have found that it is not intuition but that it works well with your intuition.

Intuition comes to people in many different ways while your Internal Guidance System is consistent for everyone.

The definition of intuition is according to Wikkipedia is, “Intuition is apparent ability to acquire knowledge without a clear inference or reasoning process.” To further define the word inference is, “Reasoning from factual knowledge or evidence.” So intuition is defined as knowing something that you do not have factual knowledge or evidence to back up.

There are many ways in which people who are intuitive receive information, for example visuals, emotions, energy, perceptions, dreams, audible information and more. Intuition means different things to different people and people have various ways they experience their intuition. Your Internal Guidance System (IGS) is a sensation that everyone feels in a similar way and in similar places in the body. You can show it to many different people and have them all sense it. Another difference is that everyone seems to have and have felt their IGS. Even people who live mostly in their minds have experienced the sharp closing in their chest or the lump in their throat from time to time.

Intuition will come and go and is less consistent then your IGS.

The IGS is a consistent stable resource that can be felt day and night depending on what you are thinking. It is something that you can learn to use with mastery and get guidance from on a regular basis. It is a source that you an check with others on. Such as, “I am thinking that I should do this. What does your IGS give you on that.” I have consistently asked others what their IGS is telling them when making a big decision. The wisdom and knowing that come from the guidance of your IGS becomes consistent with awareness and practice. The same distinctions apply in a reoccurring pattern with the IGS. The wild card in the equation is your own understanding of how your mind operates and what it fears.

You cannot deceive or fool your IGS. This is not necessarily the case with your intuition.

I am an intuitive person who relies often on my intuitive hunches. However if you talk to anyone who regularly uses their intuition they will tell you that their mind can mess with what they are getting. It is almost impossible for your mind not to make up stories or conclusions when it is giving intuitive information. For instance if I ask you to think of an orange and black animal what do you think of? Tiger? What about the orangutan? Or how about the clown fish in the ocean? You see as you get information from your intuitive senses your mind will run off with what you are getting. This is something as a trained intuitive that you try to practice avoiding and staying out of influencing the information. Your IGS will be consistent. Even if your mind attempts to run away with the information you are getting, you will close if it starts coming to conclusions that are not accurate. You can actually feel when your mind is running away with your thoughts in the wrong direction. The more you practice using your IGS and working with new perspectives in your mind the more you will begin to understand how this can be the case. Your IGS is a wonderful tool to help you be more accurate with you intuitive information you receive.

What about that “gut” bad feeling you get in your stomach?

The IGS’s guidance is often completely the opposite of how the mind relates to “gut feelings”. “Gut feelings’ most often are attributed to intuitive information being received. “I got a bad feeling about this”, or “I got a bad vibe from that person.” The reality is when it comes to your IGS you never get a bad feeling about something or someone. You only get responses to what you are thinking. So if you are thinking that there is something wrong with someone and you close then that means what you are thinking about the person is not true. Try thinking that person reminds me of someone I don’t like or hold the thought my mind is making up stories about that person.

If you get a bad feeling or bad vibe about someone then you would be open when you think the situation or person is not right. You would not feel bad at all, when you think, “That person is bad or up to no good.” you would be open. An empowering situation that leaves you calm, cool and collected in figuring out what the best direction to take is. So the “bad vibe” actually means the opposite that it once did for with the IGS involved.

Does the IGS® help me with my rampant, runaway mind?

Many of us are at the mercy of our minds because of lack of knowledge and practices that teach us how to lead our mind to where we want it to go. For most of us our mind hijacks us on a regular basis, by forcing us to go to where it decides to go. Since most of us have not been taught the fundamentals of how to operate within the confines of our own mind, we start there first. You can learn how to use your IGS to feel into, understand and manage this wonderful energy in your body through practice. As you learn to use your Internal Guidance System it slowly creates a partnership with your mind in that it naturally begins to look to your soul for answers, quickly in the moment.

Part of what needs to be explored is what is the Truth, your Truth and how to unravel the illusions and stories your mind has collected. Your IGS is a gift that gives you the opportunity to shift your thought patterns from dis-empowered to empowered, from reactive to creative. Most of all, it will begin, step by beautiful step, to bring you into the most powerful and incredible life you are intended to be living.

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