IGS As My Tour Guide In New York City

It was my first time in New York City.

I was there on a business trip and had one single day to myself to enjoy and see the city. I really didn’t expect it to be much more than just another big city, but when I arrived, I could feel the buzzzzz! If you’ve ever had the fortune to stand immersed in the electricity of Times Square and walk the streets of Manhattan, you know what I mean.

One day in New York City is not a lot. There is a ton to see! For me, traveling is more about having meaningful experiences – magic moments – than it is about seeing all the sights. After spending my first half-hour on my laptop trying to decide what to do, I realized I was missing out on the day and getting nowhere fast.

I threw logic out the window, closed my computer, put on my shoes and headed out to plant myself on the nearest street corner. Feeling the thrill of the day before me, yet still without a plan, I made a decision… I decided in that moment to forget about making any kind of linear plan and to simply follow my intuition or what I like to call my Internal Guidance System (IGS). I committed myself to following it wherever it guided me. Woohooo! Here we GO!

There I stood on the street corner. I faced myself in one direction and imagined myself going that way. As I did this, I paid attention to how I felt. Did I feel pulled forward? Did I feel resistance? Did I feel anything? Then I switched to face the other direction and did the same. It was clear which direction was beckoning me forward, just by the feeling in my body! Each direction produced a unique feeling. One simply felt better. That’s how I made my decision.

I skipped across the road, feeling free, excited for the unexpected and ready for an incredible day of intuitive adventure.

That day turned out to be one of the most magical days of my life! Everywhere I went, I found myself surrounded by incredible people and inspiring sights. Every moment felt new. Life felt abundant and rich. I lived that day with a feeling of complete fulfillment and wonder with many, many meaningful experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I saw a Broadway show, ate delicious Italian pasta, drank the yummiest, most rich cup of coffee, mingled in the magic of Time Square, discovered what has become one of my Power Spots on the planet, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, shopped 5th Avenue, and even got into some mischievous adventures that are best kept secret ? They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, I don’t know what they say about New York City, except for the one phrase we all know, I Love New York. There is no doubt about it … I LOVE NY!

I’ve been back since and every time is an adventure. (Read about Life Coach Brodie’s experience of total enlightenment in NYC) I always use my IGS, whenever I am traveling abroad and it has lead me on many adventures with memories that will last my entire life. The coolest thing about it is, no matter where I end up, who I encounter, or what I do, I always know I am ‘living on purpose’. Knowing this at all times deepens the experience and piques my curiosity to explore and be present for whatever and whoever shows up.

How do you make decisions?

There are many ways to make a decision. Tuning in to your IGS is just one. If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend giving it a shot and giving it some time. I am already pretty attuned to my body so that day in NYC of following my IGS came quite easily.

Where could you test this decision-making skill out?

I have shared this decision-making skill with several people since and notice for some it takes a bit of practice to get a clear answer or to sense the intuitive feeling. However, once you get it, you’ve got it! Get it?

Brodie Whitney is a life and business coach, helping entrepreneurs tap into their most powerful resources and create empowering rituals that lead to resonant choice, powerful results and an inspired life. Learn more about Brodie and his unique approach to living fully at http://www.lifecoachbrodie.com

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