Book Resources

These are resources that are listed in the book. These resources are free.
Simply click on the player to listen to the audio you would like to hear and Click on the link for the PDF for the list of emotions.

Listening Practice Audio
Smart Soul IGS Meditation Audio
The Four Powerful Questions Audio
To download audio right click on download link and click save link as
Smart Soul Radio
Listen to my archived blog talk radio show!
Love Café

Scott interviews Zen on Your Inner GPS.

Reinvention Radio
Steve Olsher and Mary Goulet interview Zen about getting ‘programmed’ in our early years and how your IGS can update the information you have.
Life On Purpose – we are not our minds

Greg interviews Zen, exploring how our minds can become a tool for creation and imagination, guided to our optimal thoughts by our IGS.

Transformational Talk Radio with Dr. Pat

Manifestation and the art of figuring out what you truly desire to create.

Just for Women with Alissa Kriteman
Alissa talks with Zen about relationship, sex and listening to your body.
Coast to Coast AM
A 4 hour interview on Our Internal Guidance System with Zen DeBrucke. Coast to Coast is syndicated to over 500 radio stations across the United States and it is the third most popular radio program in the US.
Wisdom Radio
Andie Hight interviews Zen on How to follow your truth.

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