Fear In Your Body As Desire Unexpressed

We gather fears up as we live our lives. They show up as worry and anxiety in our lives and they are VERY often closing. You can re-program your mind to a new opening perspective and release your body of stored up fear.

The best, fastest, easiest way when you’re beginning to use your Internal Guidance System to find an opening is to look at what you fear.
 Closing sensations are: Fear, Worry, Anxiety and Stress

What I find is that fear is the biggest area of closing thoughts most people have. Fear sets in motion the worry, the anxiety and the stress. It actually is the basis of those other three. When you’re feeling stressed, worried and anxious, the key is to look at what, in that moment, your thoughts are generating and what is the underlying fear that’s going through your brain.

That’s right—focus on the fear. I know that sounds pretty crazy but I’m going to give you a way to turn it into an opening in just a minute.

The fear that your IGS is closing to is the core thing that’s not being expressed. I like to say that fear, recognized in the body, is a desire that’s going unexpressed. Now say that again:“Fear in the body is your desire that’s going unexpressed.” That means you’re not turning that fear into what you would rather have or what you would desire it to be like. Instead, you’re just feeling the fear and letting the closing thoughts ramp up around that fear, getting more worried, more anxious and more stressed out.

So if you write out whatever it is that you have anxiety and worry about, you’re going to start noticing that it’s all fear-based and in it being fear-based, there’s a whole bunch of stuff you’re not thinking about. That’s where the opening comes in.

What you can do is write out your fears when you’re in that situation. For some of you, you’re clear enough in your mind—and if you have a calculating mind, you can actually find your fears in the mist without writing them down. But if you’re like me and it kind of rambles up there, you may need to write them down like I do. Then you’ll notice a bunch of fears.

Take your time asking yourself, “What is it that I would rather have instead?” and notice if it opens you. If it doesn’t open you, if you get a neutral or if you’re still closed, you haven’t hit it yet— the perspective that opens you.

Go ahead and go further: “Okay, that’s not quite it. What would I really want to have instead? What would really open me in this moment? What is it about this situation and this fear that I have that if the fear would go away, this is what would be showing up in my life?”

Keep playing with that, finding an opening perspective. That’s what I call it: opening perspective. Find a perspective that opens you. Now, here’s the most fascinating part about this whole thing: When you get the opening to the desire that has gone unexpressed, the fear releases from the body.

That’s right, it’s the fastest way to release fear in the body. Now, I’m not saying that fear isn’t real. There is emotional fear that’s out there: real biochemical fight-or-flight fear. That’s not quite what I’m talking about. That’s a completely separate issue, and I’ll talk more about your emotions and IGS soon. However, what I am talking about are the thoughts that your mind is having that are fear-based, that your IGS is responding to. Those in particular are stories that your mind is making up.

Then your mind very often gets reprogrammed by your nervous system. We have a traumatic or an exciting thing happen, our nervous system responds and our brain makes actual synapse connections that happen through the nervous system’s response. That’s how trauma gets programmed into the body, for instance, and the wiring in the brain is in place to re-traumatize ourselves in similar situations.

But when you go ahead and take this desire that’s going unexpressed, and you then find the desire and you get the opening, you’re still having a nervous system response. What’s occurring is you’re reprogramming your brain with this excitement response or this new fresh response. So over time, as you focus on the opening that’s coming from the desire, instead of the fear, the fear leaves the body. It’s miraculous how quickly this can happen. It’s miraculous how much this can shift your life and how much power you have over your own connections in your brain.

Once again, write out your fears or think them through. Figure out what they are and then begin looking for the opening perspective of what it is that you would desire until you get the opening. Then you focus on that.

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