Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul May 1, 2016

Every once in a while a new teacher emerges, showing us a fresh way of looking at ourselves that can be truly transformational. With Your Inner GPS, Zen Cryar DeBrucke proves herself to be one of those teachers. She offers us a unique perspective and powerful tools that can change our lives.

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How an IGS coaching session or Intuitive session will enhance your life

I have spent years developing accuracy with my intuitive gifts. It has been my pleasure to combine my powerful business background in technology with cutting edge personal leadership skills. I am able to enhance anyone’s life by giving them access to their own internal guidance showing them how to master their lives from the inside out.

“Zen is so clear and concise and I can’t emphasize enough how practical this is. She shows you how to shift by using three little steps. Voila! I’ve got a recipe to bring more joy, peace of mind and phenomenally more results.”
Tim S. – Investment Real Estate, California

This is a unique approach. By deeply listening to my clients, Spirit and accessing my own wisdom I am able to provide needed guidance in challenging moments. With this combination of information I am then able to clearly communicate it to you in such a way that the situation gets cleared up quickly or new directions are forged.

I have had two sessions with Zen over the telephone. The information received has been truly useful, and more importantly, changed my way of looking at certain situations. Also, I was strongly advised to stay away from undertaking a job, that it was a “hornet’s nest.” Just that alone is worth the price!
Carl B

Why have an intuitive session with me?

I have found that if you are led to work with me you will find me at the perfect time in your life. Often there are a few simple things that need to be shifted. It could be in the way you are thinking, feeling or seeing your life. The information I receive is simple, accurate and easily understood.

People report feeling at peace, comfortable and confident with what they are to do next after a session with me. I often get reports that the intuitive readings I do unfold for weeks after our time together.

I record each session so that you are able to listen to it over and over. Often there is so much discussed in the longer sessions (30 to 60 minutes) that three or four listening sessions are needed to capture all the information.

The most important factor about doing a session with me is that the situation seems to change after us working together. There is a clearing of energy, things begin moving in a new direction in your life or very often difficult issues simply shift/disappear. I do not believe this is because of what I am doing but because you shift and change with the new information and you begin the change that occurs for you.

“The coaching brought clarity to me because I was able to look at a situation from a different perspective.” Cherida, Educator

“Zen gave very clear direction and examples of how to implement my upcoming changes. Highly recommend her coaching to propel forward!” Stacy, CEO

“I use the Internal Guidance System regularly in my life. It is a huge advancement in giving you the ability to create your highest potential by leading you moment to moment toward success and fulfillment.”
Jack Canfield / Co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series®”

There are two types of sessions I do

IGS coaching sessions

where you and I create a long term program to help you achieve your desires, lives purpose or recreate your life to how you want it to be. This program is based on an intake interview and agreement about what we will achieve together. or situation to a session and we work with your IGS, my IGS and my ability to listen to my intuitive guidance. Then I am able to work with you using your IGS on what to do and how to proceed which will give you the most successful outcome. In the session I use my intuitive gifts but only in getting what questions to bring to you and your IGS about what to do.

Intuitive reading session

This is more passive. I tap into what is happening for you in your life on many different levels and share with you what I am receiving. This comes with practical information and often very specific things to focus on or next steps. You are able to ask questions after the reading. We are working less with your IGS and more with the information I am being given in regards to what is most important for you in your life right now.

In both of these sessions you are getting access to my personal ability to use my IGS and to tap into my intuitive guidance regarding your life direction. The format of the sessions however are very different. The first is more active with you participating with your IGS and the second more passive with you getting information for you to understand and consider.

“Zen’s readings are very clear, direct, and actionable.  Her business background allows her to channel information that is very practical and useful for clients seeking to get ahead with their businesses. A reading with Zen can boost your momentum and productivity and get you moving powerfully very quickly.”  – Erin Pavlina, Intuitive Counselor

“When I first contacted Zen, my boyfriend had just broken up with me without explanation.  I was lost, broken-hearted, and had literally given up on love.  My friend getting so sick of months of listening to me whine and moan asked me to contact Zen. After spending an hour on the phone with Zen, I had a completely different outlook on love, life, and my future. She gave me insight as to what went wrong and gave me hope for a bright future.  I was able to accept everything and move on with a clear head and heart. The release was not only amazing to me but my friends could not believe the change. I definitely could not have done it without her. Thanks, Zen!”
C.P., Publishing Executive

“I have never found anything as life-changing and immediate as this!!!
I am witness to profound changes every minute of the day!”
Elizabeth Crews – Cancer Survivor, Massachusetts


This option is best for those with just a few questions or one area in which they’d like to go into depth. Most popular option for return clients.

schedule now

This option is best if you have more than 3 areas you want to cover or want to discuss your family too.

schedule now

60 minutes on the phone with Zen. This option is for a deep dive of one topic such as relationships, business or career situations or complex challenging situations. This is also for deep dive intuitive readings as an overview of your life.

schedule now

Private Coaching Program with Zen

I have a very unique approach to coaching. What I have found is that what you need to work on in your life is happening in your life right now. The situations that are challenging you now is what is in the way of your success and life purpose. In traditional coaching (which is also very valuable) you set goals, what you are there to achieve, a schedule and accountability practices with your coach.

What I have found is that God, the “Great Coordinator”, Spirit, the Universe, whatever works for you is sending you what you need to clear and move through or experience in any given moment. It only comes at the time you need and when you have the time and ability to deal with it.

My coaching focus on what is happening now, right now, in your life. The amazing and magical thing is that by working in a committed relationship with a spiritual coach you are able to move through these moments very quickly and so much can happen in a short period of time. Challenges, week by week, clear quickly and life lessons are moved through at a very fast pace, while learning what they hold for you.

Since I only work with 5 committed clients at a time often clients wish to schedule a 6 month block of my time.

If you are interested in a committed coaching relationship, please use the contact form to schedule your discovery session. In our 30 minute session we will look at what your needs are and what we can accomplish together.

  • Each session starts with what is happening current in your life.
  • Look intuitively at patterns and closings in the situation
  • Tap into what would be the highest potential in the situation for all involved
  • Look at what personally for you is in the way of the situations highest potential happening
  • Use your IGS with my intuitive questioning to create the path to where the solution is
  • Create and develop your leadership skills and place in the situation using your IGS
  • Shift and clear any last closing energy that stops you from moving forward with the new vision
  • Recordings of all the private training sessions

6-month Private Coaching

Minimum of 24 Private one hour coaching sessions to powerfully feel and act with your Internal Guidance System for Maximum Life Transformation (4 per month)

Please contact Zen through the contact page for more information.

Single Consultations if a new client or enrolled in a group course: see above session pricing

For more information, contact me through the contact page.

Note: Between private coaching sessions, there are assignments and other custom structures to support your success. The relationship is customized to meet your individual needs and goals.

“Coaching with Zen has had a tremendously profound impact on my life. Those fears that I often interpreted as “gut feelings” and then inaccurately construed as my intuition have been put in perspective. This has resulted in better decision making and far less stress in my life. Although at first the process seemed counter intuitive, as I’ve learned to understand it, it has truly been the most freeing experience I’ve ever had. I am incredibly thankful to be working with Zen and for the blessings that I’m now allowing into my life as a result!”
B.C., M.A. Educational Specialist

This work has just been a phenomenal gift in my life… It was the missing link for me in really being able to follow the path that was right for me and throw away all the doubt that clouded the choices in my day. I recommend it to everyone because it is such a simple, easy to understand tool that we all possess. The beauty of it is in its simplicity.
Susan Donivan, Co-inventorZygger

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