Welcome to The Art of Quantum Miracles

This course will give you an incredible new view of your life and how to happily follow your purpose while getting the most out of living. Below are two bonuses; one is my book The Smart Soul. It is a users manual for your Internal Guidance System or IGS for short. It is very important that you download the book, read or listen to the content and begin doing the exercises that are outlined in the book. Your second bonus is my 8-week Revitalize Your Life program and coaching calls. This program was designed to get you using your IGS while transforming stress, worry, fear, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration into joy, confidence and ease.

Please begin the program whenever you wish. You are able to download it and start right away while you are waiting for the first group coaching call or you can do it along with your Manetize program.

I am looking forward to spending the next weeks with you transforming your life and the effect you have on the world around you.

Sending love and blessings,
Zen Cryar DeBrucke

Please Start by Listening to the Welcome Message

This course is designed to have each new lesson come out every Thursday at mindnight PST so that you have the full weekend to work with the materials. Each lesson is designed to be simple and fun. You should never feel overwhelmed or stressed about the pace of this course. Stress is closing, stress is not allowing, don’t stress.

If you start and have a few days before the lesson arrives in your inbox just start the bonus material about your IGS! That way you have some IGS review or experience while you wait.

Twice a month we have a group coaching call. The times are generally fixed but the CAN change from time to time. If it does change you will be notified and the call reminders will update automatically so you will get reminders. Check under the coaching call tab to see current days and times each month. You need to get your personal pin and call in number from our conference system. It is the one you will use for the entire course so please put it in your address book or contacts in your phone under Quantum Miracles. That way you can find it when you need it. If you ever need to ask a question we have emails support at zcdebrucke@me.com and I will get back to you M-TH 10-4 PM PST. Please alllow up to 48 hours for your question to be responded too. I don’t answer questions on the weekends. Just know that I am a mom and wife and gardner so my weekends are for manifesting my ultimiate dream life. Which you will be doing soon too!

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