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This program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission simply by promoting our products and programs on your website or to your email list. We love that you genuinely care about improving the wellbeing of others. Now this is your opportunity to earn income while helping others find and live in alignment with their life’s highest purpose and to overcome life’s challenges like stress, anxiety and fear.

To become an affiliate, Click the link below and fill out our application . . .

Become an affiliate now!

We offer generous commissions.

You will receive 20 to 30% on selected products, courses and trainings sold to the customers that you refer for the duration of their relationship with Zen Cryar-DeBrücke. Your referrals will keep giving back to you.

High Sales Conversion Rates

We have a unique offering and a robust automated marketing infrastructure that includes automated emails, video tutorials, free audio downloads, and free live calls with Zen Cryar-DeBrücke. This infrastructure is highly effective at producing high sales conversion rates.

Automatic Cookie Updating

To ensure you’re credited for every sale you refer, we have automatic cookie updating. The cookie tracks for 365 days and updates itself on each visit.

Easy Sales Tracking

We offer real time traffic and sales statistics 24 hours a day for your convenience. You can login to access a monthly statement, including a summary of your traffic, statistics and commissions earned.

Fast Payments

You will be paid properly and on time. Checks or PayPal payments are sent out every month on our 60-day payment cycle whenever your commission total reaches $50 or more.

Trusted Partner

We have a vested interest in your success, since we are only as successful as you help us to be.

Expert Promotional Material

Emails and other marketing elements are available for you to load onto your site or send to your list. (Web graphics may not be available at all times.)

The first step is to sign up. It’s fast, easy and rewarding.

It is simple to become an affiliate. Just take three minutes to apply online.

  • Click this link to apply online – Become an affiliate now!.
  • Read the Affiliate Agreement and Click the “I have read and agree to the terms above and would like to register” button at the bottom.
  • Complete the online registration.
  • Then print-out and complete the W-9 form and mail or scan it to send via email. Address to Zen Cryar-DeBrucke 7164 Redwood Retreat Rd. Gilroy, CA 95020.

Your application will be reviewed immediately and you will be notified within 5 days of your approval status.

Once you are approved we will provide you with affiliate links, emails and banners so you can promote our entire product line, or select individual products that you feel are appropriate for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1shoppingcart.com provides our affiliate partners URLs (links) for our website and products that include special tracking codes so we know which affiliate referred traffic and sales to us. These codes are necessary to track referral sales, click-throughs and commissions. These statistics are available online 24 hours a day for all of our affiliate partners.

You will see a sale in the system immediately. A sale is considered completed when the product has been shipped or 30 days after course has begun. There is a 60-day commission payment cycle that allows for credit card processing and allows for our 30-day return policy guarantee.

Once approved as an affiliate, you can log-in via our web interface above. Please note that through the log-in you can only access stats for sales using their tracking system.

No problem. Simply go to the forget password area on this page and enter your email address and hit ‘submit’. You will receive a response shortly thereafter.

You will be paid for all qualified orders that were referred through your efforts. Our program will pay you commissions for all approved affiliate sales from any new customer that come directly from a marketing effort that includes your affiliate tracking code. You receive a commission on all qualified online products and programs. Some live events and joint venture programs or coaching services are excluded from the affiliate commission rate. These are subject to change based on our hard costs and fees to produce and promote our live events.

Before including mention of Your Inner GPS and Zen Cryar-DeBrucke in any promotional literature, we need to see a preview or draft of any copy at least thirty (30) business days before its use. We will then notify you in writing via email whether or not your request has been approved. Until approval has been granted, you are not permitted to use our name, logos, etc., except as outlined in the affiliate agreement.

We do not allow incentives in offers unless they are approved in writing by Zen Cryar-DeBrücke in advance. However, we love to collaborate, just ask and we will find a way to support your ideas.

You cannot send unsolicited email (aka spam) in any way. There will be no clemency in cases of unsolicited email, and affiliates in violation of this policy will forfeit their commissions and be removed from the program. If you are reported as violating this policy it will be considered a violation of your affiliate agreement and we will have to cancel your participation in the program.

Yes, but only with our prior written consent, prior to mailing the press release, emails or any direct mail solicitation.

We need this information for tax filing purposes. We need your Social Security Number or Tax Payer ID because if your calendar-year commissions exceed $600, Zen Cryar-DeBrucke must issue you a Form 1099MISC at the end of the calendar year that must be filed with your Form 1040.

Have more questions? Email them to zcdebrucke at me.com.

“Net Sales” means the selling price of merchandise (not counting sales tax, shipping and handling charges, or other separately itemized special charges, such as insurance) specified in a Qualifying Order, less Deductions.

“Deductions” means the selling price of courses and merchandise that a customer returns, cancellation by the customer, cancellation by Zen Cryar-DeBrucke, disapproval by the Payment Source, or that the Payment Source charges back. Deductions also include such negative or positive amounts as are necessary to adjust for errors in the Qualifying Order, such as duplicate submission or inaccurate price that the order processors or customer service personnel correct with customer consent or at the customer’s request.

“Payment Source” means the credit card issuer or other payment means designated by the purchaser in the Qualifying Order. Sometimes the Payment Source will refuse to approve a Qualifying Order for payment because an invalid card number has been given, the order price exceeds the purchaser’s credit limit, or the order appears suspicious. In the case of stolen credit card numbers, the Payment Source that initially approved an order may reverse the charges when the actual cardholder complains about a bill.

Under the currently used technology, we will place a cookie on the end-user’s computer as he/she is delivered from your link to our website(s), to identify your website as the delivering source when an order is placed in our shopping cart. Therefore, if the end-user returns to the website and places an order while your cookie remains active, the tracking software will treat this as a Qualifying Order.

Sometimes merchandise/courses will be out of stock or full when a Qualifying Order is received, or will be manufactured to order, so shipment or approval by the Payment Source may be delayed, or an order may be canceled.

You should check your account at least monthly and promptly notify us if you believe there are errors in the calculation of commissions we owe you or deductions that we have taken. You will waive the right to contest any underlying calculation 90 days after a payment is made to you.

We reserves the right to refuse any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material. Websites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; or feature hard liquor, tobacco products, gambling, or materials, products, or services related to pornography will be deemed unacceptable for the Affiliate Program.

We reserve the right to change the technology we employ to calculate commissions owed to you.

The terms of our affiliate program are subject to revision at any time without notice. We will post any changes to our website. It is your responsibility to remain in compliance with the program at all times.

If you have any questions regarding our affiliate applicant standards, please contact the affiliate team at zcdebrucke at me.com.

Become an affiliate now!

If you are already an affiliate and want to update your information, Click HERE to login to your account.

Thank you,
Zen Cryar-DeBrücke

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