In this free 4 part video course you’ll discover how I cracked the code to ending stress, and getting more done with less effort!


ZIAM Episode 43: Guilt – Stop Wasting Your Time

Guilt can show up in our lives in many ways.

You might feel guilty that you’re not spending enough time with your kids, that you have to work longer than you’d like to, or that you haven’t been calling your mother enough.

Guilt can be this heavy feeling you carry around with you. Did you know that it’s a waste of your energy?

Today we’re going to talk about what guilt is and how you can actually do something about it. To learn how to release your guilt so you don’t have to live with that heavy feeling anymore, listen here.


Feel your IGS

Zen DeBrucke

Zen is an intuitive business and personal consultant who has successfully assisted hundreds of business leaders to achieve their goals.


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The Stress To Happiness Total Makeover

Are you ready to banish the negative impacts of stress from your life and relationships once and for all? Is it really possible to change your stress game, and learn to use the messages from stress to create flow and ease in your life?

The Re-Creating You game

I’ve participated in games and challenges where there’s so much to do each day that by day four I’m lost. The Re-Creating You game is not like that. It takes place inside a closed Facebook group where you’ll get a short video every day that teaches you about your own “stress eraser”. Simple exercises will help you implement what you’ve learned into your daily life. And you’ll have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered and discuss the game content with other participants.

Your Inner GPS Book

Learn to access your deep wisdom consistently by learning the basic principles of the Internal Guidance System® process. This short book is recommended to everyone looking to create ease and flow in there life. It is a wonderful foundation practice. With twenty practical exercises you immediately get in touch with your Inner GPS.


ZIAM Episode 7: Be Present Be Happy

From the moment your eyes pop open each morning, you get caught up in your thinking.
You run through the list of things that need to get done and you’re constantly thinking about what to do next.
Let’s face it, with all this chatter in your mind, you cannot be fully present for the things that truly matter: your kids, your spouse, your friends, etc.
Let me show you an incredibly powerful exercise that will bring you instantly into the present moment any time you desire. Your happiness depends on it!

ZIAM Episode 6: Kick out the Critical Voice

Are you exhausted mentally? Going back and forth between what you should or shouldn’t do? Beating yourself up and comparing yourself to others?
That critical voice is NOT serving you well.
In fact, it’s only bringing you suffering and stress. It’s time to kick out the critical voice! Let me tell you how…

ZIAM Episode 3: Stress: Friend or Foe?

You know stress. It can cause you to feel anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, or fear. You’ve probably already experienced stress today, even before you opened this email! What if you could use these feelings to your advantage? That it could actually lead you to more happiness? To find out what you can do to release, remove, and reprogram stress right out of your life today… LISTEN HERE.

Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul May 1, 2016

Every once in a while a new teacher emerges, showing us a fresh way of looking at ourselves that can be truly transformational. With Your Inner GPS, Zen Cryar DeBrucke proves herself to be one of those teachers. She offers us a unique perspective and powerful tools that can change our lives.

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