IGS & The Law Of Attraction: how it relates to manifestation

What if I could grant you three wishes? Where would you start? If you really only had three wishes, how fast would you use them? How would you really know what to wish for first? How do you really know what’s the best wish of all? Do you wish for:

World peace?   A clean environment?  Eternal health and happiness for your entire family?  Enough food and wealth for everyone?  To be the most beautiful person in the world?  To have wealth and power beyond your wildest dreams?

Maybe you have heard the old story of the genie who granted someone three wishes only to have those wishes be the worst thing for everyone involved. Or how about the person who wished for world peace and the world stopped evolving and no one was growing any longer or developing, nor getting any closer to their true creative potential? How do you use your wishes and guarantee that it is a wish that won’t cause more harm than good?

When I found out I was unconsciously manifesting the world around me, I wanted to do it consciously. Then my mind started plaguing me with the scenario above. How can I possibly know where to begin my wishing? I searched and searched until I found the answer.

The answer is easier, simpler and better than any genie you could imagine. In fact, it is the first step to you learning how to become a manifesting master who is consciously creating every moment. The answer is your Internal Guidance System.

Each of us is born with a wonderful little tool called an Internal Guidance System. This beautiful tool was given to us to help guide us through our lives by showing us which thoughts are bringing us closer to everything that we desire: everything that is ours to create and everything that’s just perfect for each of us.

The spiritual gift of the IGS helps you with topics that range from what’s the purpose of your life and your reason for being, to what is the best exercise and food for you to eat to be your healthiest. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to use this tool. Even though it is always working, it is not being used to its fullest advantage. Yes, your Internal Guidance System is always on, plugged in and doing its job.

However, since you may have not been aware of it, you most likely do not know all the fabulous ways to use its main feature: guidance. Because you didn’t know it was there, you may not have been using it to its fullest capacity to make your life easier.

There are names for this system. Some people say it’s one’s higher self, instinct, your gut, Creator, the Holy Spirit or even God.  It does not matter what you attribute the system to. What does matter is that it works and it is consistently correct and always on your side. There are videos, articles and products on my site that will help you learn how to use it. What I want to focus on here is how it helps you manifest your life. What your Internal Guidance System does for you is create FLOW. It keeps the energy in you flowing along so you are an open receiver to what you desire to have come to you.

Flow, on a big level, is how freely energy flows through your body or how much is it being closed off. Maybe you have seen Star Wars and heard the term “The Force.” This “force” has been called many things: Chi, life force, Prana, holy spirit and bio-energy are a few. There is a grand energy that is running through all things in the universe. This life force is always connecting everything and it is connected to and running through you.

The way you manifest is by utilizing this energy that is always connected to you, configure it to the vibration you wish to match, then let it flow from you out into the world. This is a very powerful thing that you are able to do. Like most things in nature there is a natural balancing mechanism; something that lets you only use your powers for good. I have found what is doing this for us in life is our Internal Guidance System. It is a valve for this life force energy that is either opened or closed based on how effectively we are using our thoughts to create the things that are serving us, that are part of our path in life.

Your IGS let’s energy flow when it is the best time to create and slows the flow if it’s not. Think of it as a protection system. That, however, does not mean that you cannot create things you don’t want when your valve or IGS is closed. Remember, you are always manifesting. The more open your IGS is, the faster you can manifest.

The important part with all of this, is that this energy/flow carries the power to create within it. When you’re flowing, you can feel it. Being in a flow has a physical sensation that comes along with it. Joy, gratitude, happiness and love are all forms of what happens when you’re in the flow. They are all natural byproducts. They go together hand in hand. The physical sensation of being in the flow that I’m talking about is generally located in your chest, solar plexus and stomach. When you’re in the flow, the feeling is one of lightness, openness and wisdom. Get it? Feeling, Light, Open and Wise: FLOW.

 It is as if everything feels right, safe, and most of the time, perfect. It could also feel very much like relief when you go from being out of the flow to being in the flow. When you are out of the flow, you feel knotted and tight and can even have the sensation of being short of breath in your solar plexus and chest area, or a knot in your stomach. You go in and out of flow many, many times in a day, depending on what you’re doing.

What causes the flow to come and go is your Internal Guidance System. The energy is always flowing, but it gets pinched off when our minds begin to think thoughts that are creating what we do not desire. The result of being in flow is that everything begins to go your way.

Flow allows you to create a world around you where you have perfect parking spots, make every green light when you need to, your food is perfectly prepared for you and the items you need are there just before you need them.

When there is flow at work, things are literally flowing along and everything is getting done with ease. You have the most creative thoughts. The people you need to reach are available. In fact, they were just thinking about you before you called. Emails come in when you need them to and you always have the right things at the right time.

At home, you feel wonderful, relaxed, everything gets done as it should, when it should and all is right with the world. You feel wonderfully at peace and at ease, and have a genuine sense that everything is all right and it’s going to stay that way. That, my friend, is being in the flow and it is what your Internal Guidance System is consistently steering you toward.

I realized that this sounds too good to be true. Thus, I want you to test drive your IGS and find out if it works for you before you say no. You can do it.  All it takes is a little listening and practice

My passion is to help you manifest what you consciously want instead of what you unconsciously do not want. Your IGS is a powerful asset in manifesting the world you desire with the greatest ease.  Your IGS supports you by waking you up, getting you out of your mind and into your body where the energy you are generating can be felt. When you are closed, you are being asked to look at your thoughts and find ones that open you before proceeding. When you find opening thoughts, they are the green light that you are cleared to manifest those desires. It sounds easy but to be honest it takes time and practice.

The good news is that at first you only need to pay attention when you are out of the flow or feeling closed. Then, all you have to do is simply take the time to get back into the flow. You get back into the flow by re-engineering your thoughts until you find an opening. I developed a pretty cool little formula called the Power Manifestation formula that helps you do just that— reengineer your thoughts. and set yourself on the path of getting all of your wishes just right.

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  • Idebenone
    January 11, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    I’m impressed with The Smart Soul book, and the insights that Zen DeBrucke has for accessing what is inside us all. From time to time, I had insights that I could count on, that I could trust. I was amazed at how easy this book was to read and to understand how I can tap into my internal guidance system, and be able to consistently ~ with some practice, of course ~ be able to trust and rely on what I was natural inside me! I’m making better choices now. I’m delighted to have this tool to utilize on a daily basis, about all kinds of things. I’ve also had a chance to do some of the online work thru The Smart Soul Academy, which is complimentary with the book. It is valuable to have a resource to go to , as well as have a guide that is knowlegeable. I believe that this book could help others, as it’s helped me!

    • Pepe
      January 26, 2013 at 10:04 pm

      Yes, your emotions are very much not the same thing as the seinstaons you feel from your Internal Guidance System (IGS). What I have found is that most of our emotions are programed when we are very young children, between 0-5. Many of them are not even ours, they came to us from watching our parents react. Thus they often do not correspond to what we are thinking since they were thinking something very different then we were when we saw their reaction.What occurs is your mind goes to this is how I am supposed to feel in this situation mode. As you learn to use your IGS and build a relationship to it you can unearth these inauthentic emotions and discover what you actually are feeling. It is like coming home, as you release feelings that are not yours. Come to our Virtual Active Learning Call above and find out more~ :*)

  • Madalin
    January 16, 2013 at 6:27 am

    I love this question. Your emotions are completely different from the sensations your Internal Guidance System (IGS) sends you. In fact you can use your IGS to determine which emotions are opening and closing! Meaning the thoughts your mind is producing are causing emotions which are not really authentic for the situation you are in. Yes it can be tough at first to distinguish emotions from IGS sensations.The best way I can explain how to begin to distinguish them is, emotions are a bio chemical reaction in the body. They are chemicals similar to sugar or alcohol in our system. It takes time for these chemicals to be processed, yet our IGS has no residual energy. It opens, closes or is neutral immediately upon what our thoughts are producing. Learning to easily distinguish between the two is very rewarding and creates amazing shifts in how much power we have over our emotions.Thanks for being here and commenting on our page.

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