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Video: Your Body has an Inner Compass guiding you to Happiness!

Your Internal Guidance System is not just helping you say yes or no to things, it is actually telling you how to dream bigger that you ever thought you could. Most people think the IGS is more like an on or off switch. The truth is it is more...

Intuition Vs. Internal Guidance: how to tell the difference

Many people ask if the IGS is the same thing as intuition. I have found that it is not intuition but that it works well with your intuition. Intuition comes to people in many different ways while your Internal Guidance System is consistent for everyone. The definition of intuition...

Fear in your body as Desire Unexpressed

We gather fears up as we live our lives. They show up as worry and anxiety in our lives and they are VERY often closing. You can re-program your mind to a new opening perspective and release your body of stored up fear. The best, fastest, easiest way when...

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About Zen
Personal Coaching with Zen DeBrucke

Master Intuitive Coach, Zen DeBrücke, has been teaching about Divine Guidance, the physical sensation you can feel in your body that is connected to your thoughts, for over 10 years. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with experts such as Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield & more.

I’m now understanding the internal feeling I get as I do things and know when something serves me, and when it doesn’t – when I am in the flow and when I’m not. Divine Guidance truly tells you whether you feel good at a vibrational level or not.
Central New York