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How To Get A YES For Your Divine Purchase Order

How do you know when you are in alignment with what you desire to manifest? Because your IGS gives you a Divine Purchase order approved inside.   One of the things that I’m finding in these videos is that I’m talking quite a bit about closing and yeah, I...

Video: Four Words That Cause Closing in the Internal Guidance System

Having trouble with closing thoughts coming out of no where? When you do close are you struggling with figuring out why? Well here is a big huge time saver. When you close see if one of these four words are rambling around in your thoughts. They almost always start...

What Have You Done For Your Spiritual Side Lately?

I am sure you realize that the body, mind and spirit are an important triad in life. However, most people naturally spend most of their time working on their mind. If the spirit and body get attention, it is usually a minimal amount of time. For example, you might...

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Master Intuitive Coach, Zen DeBrücke, has been teaching about Divine Guidance, the physical sensation you can feel in your body that is connected to your thoughts, for over 10 years. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with experts such as Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield & more.

I use the Internal Guidance System regularly in my life. It is a huge advancement in giving you the ability to create your highest potential by leading you moment to moment toward success and fulfillment.
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